Duromine or Panbesy

Duromine and Panbesy are weight loss drugs that are available in countries of Asia-Pacific region.

Both these anti-obesity drugs are sold in pharmacies of Singapore.

Similarities and differences between Duromine and Panbesy

Duromine and Panbesy contain anorexigenic agent Phentermine, which can cause drug dependence.

Therefore, people can get anti-obesity drugs Panbesy and Duromine on prescription only.

Despite the fact that Duromine and Panbesy contain one and same active ingredient, Phentermine, they have some differences.

The common difference between these two drugs is that:

  • Ion-exchange resin complex Phentermine is used in the production of Duromine capsules.
  • Phentermine Hydrochloride (Phentermine HCl) is used in the production of Panbesy.

The unique feature of ion-exchange resin complex lies in that it slows down the release of Phentermine.

Hence, Duromine capsules provide incredibly long-term anorectic effect (up to 24 hours).

The duration of Panbesy (Phentermine HCl) anorexigenic effect does not exceed 16-18 hours as a rule.

Manufacturers and suppliers of Duromine and Panbesy

Duromine capsules are manufactured by iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) and Douglas Manufacturing (New Zealand).

iNova Pharmaceuticals is an exclusive supplier of Duromine capsules to the pharmaceutical market in Asia-Pacific region (Australia, NZ, Singapore, South Africa and Hong Kong).

Panbesy capsules are manufactured by Osmopharm company.

Panbesy is supplied by Euro Asia Medico to South Asia.

It is noteworthy that apart from Panbesy capsules, Osmopharm produces Phentermine HCl tablets.

Unfortunately, there is no information about trade names of Phentermine tablets, released on the market by Osmopharm.

Can I use Panbesy as an alternative to Duromine?

  • People can use Panbesy 15mg capsules instead of Duromine 15mg capsules.
  • Duromine 30mg capsules can be replaced by Panbesy 30mg capsules.

Panbesy 40mg capsules do not exist.

Thus, patients who were prescribed a maximal dose of Duromine 40mg cannot use Panbesy instead of Duromine.

Safety and effectiveness of weight loss drugs Duromine and Panbesy were approved during multiple clinical studies.

Before geting Duromine or Panbesy, you can read some feedbacks about these drugs on online forums or get answers to your questions from online pharmacist.