Duromine vs Ionamin

Ionamin and Duromine are two trade names of weight loss drugs, containing active ingredient Phentermine.

Ionamin trade name gained a vast popularity in the US and UK, while Duromine became popular in Australia and NZ.


The Americans found out about Ionamin anti-obesity drug over 50 years ago.

The FDA approved Ionamin for obesity treatment in 1959.

This drug has been available for sale on prescription in the US pharmacies for 30 years.

In January 1982, the Ionamin sales were discontinued.

Classification of Ionamin in the US: Rx Only

Ionamin drug has been available for sale not only within the US, but also in the UK.

Obese British people have been using Ionamin for weight loss since 1981.

In 2000, this weight loss drug was withdrawn from the European pharmaceutical market and its sales within the UK was stopped.

Today, Ionamin is no longer available in the UK pharmacies.


Australians found out about the weight loss drug Duromine a little more than twenty years ago.

It was included in the ARTG in 1991.

For over 20 years now, Duromine drug has been available in Australian pharmacies on prescription only.

In 2013, Duromine became the most prescribed prescription weight loss drug in Australia.

Classification of Duromine in Australia: S4 – Prescription Only Medicine.

Duromine drug is available fore sale not only within Australia, but also in NZ.

In the pharmacies of New Zealand, Duromine has been available since 1969.

Thus, it has been prescribed to obese and overweight New Zealanders for intensive anti-obesity therapy, for over 60 years now.

Moreover, Duromine is the most popular weight loss product in both Australia and NZ.

If you decided to use Duromine capsules or Ionamin capsules, and these are not available in your city, ask your doctor about the brand names of Phentermine-containing drugs, which are available for sale in your city.

Your doctor will probably prescribe some alternative weight loss capsules, like Metermine, Suprenza, Adipex-P, Qsymia or Acxion instead of Duromine or Ionamin.