Duromine in New Zealand

In the period of 1969 to 1992, Medsafe approved five appetite suppressant drugs for the obesity treatment.

These weight loss drugs were sold in NZ pharmacies under different trade names.

All appetite suppressants approved by Medsafe were sold in NZ by prescription only.

One of the first anorectic agents, approved by Medsafe is Phentermine.

This weight loss drug was approved by Medsafe in 1969.

First, Phentermine substance has been sold in NZ only under the trade name Duromine.

Since 1975, Phentermine has been sold in NZ not only under the trade name Duromine, but also under the original trade name Umine.

  • Current marketing status of Duromine in NZ: Consent given
  • Current marketing status of Umine in NZ: Approval lapsed.

Besides the weight loss drugs Duromine and Umine, four other anorexigenic drugs were also available in NZ.

The International Nonproprietary Names of these drugs are as follows:

  • Fenfluramine,
  • Amfepramone,
  • Mazindol,
  • Dexfenfluramine.

Fenfluramine drug was approved by Medsafe in 1966.

For 30 years, this appetite suppressant has been sold in NZ under the trade name Ponderax.

Weight loss capsules Ponderax (Fenfluramine) were withdrawn from NZ pharmaceutical market in 1997.

Amfepramone drug was approved by Medsafe in 1969.

The most popular trade name of Amfepramone tablets in NZ is Tenuate Dospan.

In 2006, the sale of Tenuate Dospan (Amfepramone) tablets in NZ was discontinued.

Mazindol drug was approved by Medsafe in 1974.

In NZ, this anorectic drug was sold under the trade name Sanorex.

In 1994, the sale of Sanorex (Mazindol) tablets in NZ was discontinued.

Dexfenfluramine drug was approved by Medsafe in 1992.

In NZ pharmacies, this drug was sold under the trade name Adifax.

In 1997, the sale of Adifax (Dexfenfluramine) capsules in NZ was discontinued.

Today, the only Rx appetite suppressant that is prescribed to obese and overweight New Zealanders is Duromine.

In NZ pharmacies, one can get weight loss capsules:

  • Duromine 15mg
  • Duromine 30mg.

Weight loss capsules Duromine produced by Douglas Manufacturing company, are sold in NZ.

The license for the sale of Duromine capsules in New Zealand is granted to iNova Pharmaceuticals company.

Given that Duromine generic drugs are not available in NZ, just like any other appetite suppressant drugs, Duromine price:

  • is formed under the condition of natural monopoly
  • remains one of the highest in the world

In NZ, the approval of new anti-obesity drugs and Duromine generic drugs is not planned yet.

Thus, we can suppose that the price for Duromine in NZ pharmacies will remain relatively high until the situation changes drastically, so you should do your best to solve your weight problem during the course, not to waste your money.