History of Duromine

Originally, Phentermine was developed back in 1959, then gained the FDA approval as well.

For a long time, Phentermine was considered the most effective medicine for obesity treatment.

As most of the brand medications, Phentermine lost its patent and was discontinued in the pharmaceutical market in 1998.

However, many other companies managed to use this active substance to produce generic drugs for weight loss.

Since Phentermine is a patented brand name, no other pharmaceutical companies have the right to use it to name their generic drugs.

Therefore, different companies from many countries have used other trade names for generics of Phentermine, such as:

  • Adipex-P (Gate Pharmaceuticals),
  • Ionamin (Medeva Pharmaceuticals),
  • Metermine and Duromine (iNova Pharmaceuticals).

Duromine is a generic name of good old Phentermine, available for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and some other countries.

The drug was produced by iNova Pharmaceuticals and was approved by TGA in 2007 for the treatment of obesity.

Duromine weight loss pills are available under doctor’s prescription only.

Therefore, it is not possible to get Duromine pills.

Duromine scams

Many companies produce Duromine generics.

To make them popular and therefore gain profit out of their sale, some companies offer these doubtful generics of Phentermine and Duromine without prescription.

It is fair to say that lots of products have doubtful quality and thus are not worth trusting.

Some of these copies have similar names to the original brand drug; therefore, buyers are mistaken, thinking they purchase the brand drug.

But in fact, Phentermine is no longer available and Duromine is available under prescription only.

So be careful when looking for these weight loss drugs on the Internet.

Some of “generics of Phentermine or Duromine” offered may happen to be harmless placebo, others – dangerous for health.

However, if you need to lose weight and you don’t have the prescription for Duromine pills, you can try using its herbal alternatives.

Keep in mind though that not a single alternative will provide the same strong effects.

At that, you can use weight loss supplements for a long time, thus ensuring a gradual slow weight loss.