Duromine generic in Czech Republic

Diet pills, containing the anorexigenic agent Phentermine were withdrawn from market in almost all European countries.

However, Czech Republic is one of the few EU countries, where Phentermine-based diet pills are still available for sale.

You can get Phentermine pills in Czech Republic under trade name Adipex Retard.

Just as Duromine pills, Adipex Retard pills are sold by prescription only.

You can find Adipex Retard pills, containing 15mg of the active ingredient – Phentermine (30 or 100 pills in the pack).

Adipex Retard drug is a generic of Duromine.

Therefore, these weight loss drugs have identical contraindications and side effects.

Despite the fact that Adipex Retard and Duromine contain the same active ingredient, these weight loss drugs have several differences.

For instance:

  • The Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia) approved Duromine (Phentermine) for the treatment of obesity in patients with a BMI 25 and over.
  • The State Institute for Drug Control (Czech Republic) approved Adipex Retard (Phentermine) for the treatment of obesity in patients with a BMI over 30.

Adipex Retard pills are available (have been sold) not only in Czech Republic, but also in other countries.

Brand Adipex Retard gained the greatest popularity in Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia and Malaysia.

Adipex Retard is the only generic of Duromine that is being sold in Czech pharmacies.

  • The State Institute for drug control approved Adipex Retard drug for obesity treatment in patients with a BMI 30 and above, in 1991.
  • The manufacturer of Adipex Retard pills is the company G.L. Pharma. The supplier of Adipex Retard at Czech pharmaceutical market is the company Gerot Pharmazeutica (a part of G.L. Pharma).

Adipex Retard (and any other generic Duromine) has a large list of contraindications for use.

Therefore, many Czechs have to use other weight loss drugs as an alternative to Adipex Retard.

If Adipex Retard is contraindicated to Czech patients, they are prescribed:

  • OTC diet pills Orlistat 27mg
  • OTC diet pills Orlistat 50mg
  • RX diet pills Orlistat 120mg

At Czech pharmacies, Orlistat pills are available under the following trade names:

  • Alli Bodigo,
  • Orlistat Polpharma,
  • Orlistat Sandoz,
  • Orlistat Teva,
  • Xenical.

If you want to buy generic Duromine, and you don’t know the trade name under which it is available in your region, check this information with your doctor or a pharmacist.