Duromine and prevention of teenage obesity

Duromine and prevention of obesity in young people

Levels of overweight and obesity is growing among both adult Australians and young Australian people. According to published data, over 25% of Australian children and teenagers, aged 5 to 16, suffer from overweight or obesity.

To prevent an increase in young people’s body weight, healthy lifestyle is actively promoted in Australian schools. However, national informational and counseling programs, that promote healthy eating and physical activity, cannot provide an effective prophylaxis of obesity among children and adolescents.

To prevent childhood obesity, first of all, those barriers must be eliminated that prevent a healthy eating and normal physical activity of children. As for the prevention of teenage obesity, one might need to take certain medications that suppress appetite and help to keep a low-calorie diet.

For instance, to prevent obesity in overweight teenagers, they can be prescribed Phentermine medication. In Australian pharmacies, Phentermine medication is available under brand name Duromine. Australia is among few countries, where overweight and obese teenagers over 12 years old can be prescribed Phentermine (Duromine).

Usually, doctors prescribe a minimal daily dose Duromine 15 mg to overweight teenagers. Rarely, an average daily dose of Duromine 30mg is prescribed to Australian teenagers. In single cases, obese teenagers are prescribed a maximum dose of Duromine 40mg.

Prevention and treatment of teenage obesity must not be limited by Diet pills Duromine 15mg, 30mg or 40mg only. Teenagers with overweight or obesity must devote at least an hour a day to physical activity. The intensity of physical exertion must be moderate or high.

It is recommended for Australian young people, who take Duromine, to limit their TV watching and internet entertainment up to 2 hours per day. In addition, adults must try to motivate obese teenagers to eat fresh fruit and vegetables that improve metabolism.

In fact, Duromine diet pills help overweight teenager to become slim and prevent severe obesity complication when he becomes an adult. In addition, weight loss reduces the risk of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension that provoke heart diseases.

In order to a teenager can lose weight rapidly, adults should create favorable conditions for his daily physical activity and provide him a balanced and healthy diet. Obese teenager, using Duromine pills, should eat three times a day maximum and drink a lot of water (milk or juices).

Before purchasing Duromine, it is necessary to make sure a teenager doesn’t have contraindications for use of this anti-obesity medication. In case the doctor decides that Duromine (Phentermine) poses a serious threat for health, he should prescribe other medications that reduce the percentage of body fat.