Duromine after Liposuction

Duromine use during the recovery period after liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical or cosmetic procedure of fat removal in one or more parts of your body. At that, liposuction is not an anti-obesity method, since it does not affect the pathogenesis of the disease and does not allow removing significant amounts of fat.

Disadvantages of liposuction:

  • it does not remove the fat, accumulated in the muscles, liver, myocardium
  • it does not eliminate the risk of compensatory increase in visceral fat after the procedure
  • it does not affect the metabolism of fats, lipids concentration, blood glucose and cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Therefore, after the liposuction procedure, it is necessary to use Duromine – a drug that prevents the fat re-accumulation

Benefits of Duromine use after liposuction:

  • prevents re-accumulation of visceral fat
  • improves blood lipid profile and reduces the cholesterol level
  • facilitates the compliance with the diet plan, required after the surgery.

Thus, the use of Duromine after the liposuction contributes to further reduction of body weight and helps maintain a healthy weight.