Double effect of exercising in two

Your friend came to visit to have a chat, and you again plan to discuss all the news while having tea with cupcakes? We offer you to spend time with benefit to your body.

The most pleasant thing in exercises for the abs is that you can do them every day, because the abdominal muscles do not need time to recover. Be sure to do an easy warm-up. If you don’t have time for it, just stand in the plank. And away we go!

Let that friend, who is not working at the moment, monitor your technique and entertain you with conversations, and then you two should switch. As a result, you will forget about tea and cupcakes for good, when you see the first results.

Do not forget to breathe! Strain your muscles on exhalation, and return to the starting position on inhalation. It is also important to do exercises with a good mood. So, let’s begin!


Effect: The abdominal – the largest – muscle of the stomach is involved. That very muscle, which is responsible for the 6-pack.


  • Starting position – opposite each other.
  • Bend your knees, press the lower back to the floor, hands – behind the head, elbows spread apart.
  • Lift the core. It is important not to stretch your chin up. Otherwise the next day you will feel that your neck has worked well, and not the abs.
  • Maintain at the top position for a couple of seconds – exactly as much as you need to give a high five.

Number of sets: 4 sets. Start with 20 crunches per set and increase the load to 50 lifts.


Effect: The abdominals work again. Due to the fact that you do not straighten up completely, the load increases manifold.


  • The partner sits on your hips, but does not press them down with his weight – otherwise you will begin to juggle and lift at the expense of the support, and not the abs.
  • Hands behind the head, do not bring the elbows together and start to lift.
  • The partner should not allow you to fix in the upper point and pushes you back to the starting position.
  • Do not lie down on the floor completely!
  • Muscles should be strained all the time.

Number of sets: two sets of 12 repetitions, gradually bring them to 15. And then swap places.


Effect: The lower abs and oblique abdominal muscles work.


  • The partner stands, feet shoulder width apart, parallel to each other.
  • You raise your legs at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • TO make it easier for the first time, you can hold on to the partner’s ankles.
  • It’s best, however, to just hold your hands behind your head.
  • You raise your legs in exhalation, and the partner throws them aside with force.
  • Make sure that your feet do not fall completely to the floor (ideal angle at the bottom point is approximately 30 degrees).
  • Do not lift the pelvis and do not allow your body to fall heavily on its side.

Number of repetitions: 20-25. Make 1-2 sets. And swap places!


Effect: Another good exercise for the oblique abdominal muscles and the upper abs. Let’s build the upper part of the 6-pack.


  • Lie on the floor, bend your knees (this increases the load), press the lower back to the floor.
  • The partner sits in front of you, putting his hands in the center.
  • Tighten the abs, lift the body and, twisting the body, touch the right elbow of the partner’s hands.
  • Return to the starting position (without sinking to the floor completely!), then rise and touch the hands with the left elbow.

Number of repetitions: do your best and reach up to 30 repetitions and three sets. Crunches to the right and left count as one repetition.


Effect: Strengthen the muscles of the lower back, refine the beautiful waist.


  • Initial position – lying on the stomach, hands behind the head, elbows are spread in the sides.
  • The partner monitors that the socks do not come off from the floor, slightly holds the feet, yet does not press strongly.
  • Tear off the chest from the floor – perform the exercise smoothly, without sharp jerks.

Number of repetitions: two sets of 25 times each.


You did a great job! However, the abs exercises must necessarily compensated for with the stretching of the muscles.

  • Lie on your stomach, rest your palms on the floor at the chest level and straighten your arms.
  • Feel the muscles of the abdominal stretch.
  • Hold in this position for 15 seconds.