Doctors Who Prescribe Phentermine

Doctors Who Prescribe Phentermine

You need to find a doctor who specializes in weight loss to get your hands on Phentermine?

Of course, you do. This weight loss drug can help you:

  • Lose the extra fat,
  • Make your waist circumference smaller
  • Finally succeed in losing weight in a less “painful way”.

Read on to learn which doctors prescribe Phentermine and how you can get a prescription for Phentermine.

Who will prescribe Phentermine?

The truth is that any licensed doctors, who got a specialized training in obesity pharmacotherapy, can prescribe Phentermine. Boom! Simple as that.

However, doctors specializing in weight loss will tell you how to get rid of unhealthy body fat using one of available methods.


You think that nutritionists, dietitians or psychologists can issue a script for this weight loss drug?

Unfortunately, you’re wrong. Instead, they can:

  1. Give advice on proper and balanced nutrition.
  2. Tell how food affects mental and physical health.
  3. Recommend the most suitable programs for weight loss.

Can my doctor prescribe Phentermine?

Yes, starting with your general practitioner or family physician is a great idea, especially if you are their long-time patient.


Because they have known you for a long time and definitely noticed your unhealthy weight gain.

Taking care of your health, they are concerned with excess fat that you carry and can easily become doctors that will prescribe Phentermine.


Their awareness of your medical history can save you from possible complications .


You have a severe obesity and your lab tests came back far from normal. Your doc will refer you to another specialist, who will adjust your weight loss program with Phentermine.

Bariatrician (Bariatric physician)

Don’t get confused!

These are NOT the bariatric surgeons, who perform weight loss surgeries.

Bariatricians are doctors who focus only on the treatment of overweight or obesity.
They are weight loss doctors that prescribe Phentermine diet pills to many people.

In addition to prescribing sliming pills, the bariatrician will:

  • Develop a program that is most suitable for meeting your needs and goals in weight loss.
  • Offer the most suitable weight maintenance program, which will help you maintain and improve the achieved weight loss results.

Weight loss centers that prescribe Phentermine

Why people often choose to address to weight loss clinics or centers?

Because these provide comprehensive services, which many obese patients need.

They help achieve best results in the fight against obesity to patients, who are willing to pay for high-quality and comprehensive care.

But will they help you get your Phentermine?


Weight loss clinics that prescribe Phentermine can become your best support throughout the entire course of obesity pharmacotherapy, as well as after it ends.

Such clinics and centers specialize in the development of plans for weight loss, customized for each patient.

Will my doctor prescribe me Phentermine?

It depends…

  • If he is a professional and caring doctor, he will first assess your medical history and make sure that you are not in the list of those, who should avoid Phentermine.
  • Then, he needs to assess your vitals and have you do some lab tests, like blood, urine, etc. to make sure your body will work fine with this drug.
  • If your doctor considers you a suitable candidate, he will likely issue a prescription for Phentermine, which you can fill in a pharmacy this very day.

How to get Phentermine prescribed?

If you have already used prescription appetite suppressants, then you know roughly how to get your Dr to prescribe Phentermine, namely:

  1. Tell your doctor about your health problems
  2. Mention weight loss diets and eating plans that you used
  3. Describe your physical activity and attempts to increase it
  4. In conclusion, mention that none of these worked, or worked insufficiently well
  5. Ask for assistance and mention your willingness to try a proven weight loss drug.

Now that you got your prescription, you can go to a pharmacy and get your Phentermine.

If the nearest pharmacies do not sell drugs to suppress appetite or these are too expensive, you can find them online.

Doctors who prescribe Phentermine will ask you to visit them on a regular basis to assess the effectiveness of treatment and your health condition.

Bonus tip!

For a next Phentermine re-fill, you need another prescription and another visit to your doctor, so schedule the appointment beforehand.