DMAE is the perfect solution for people, who want to enhance their creative performance, always do the job on time, actively develop their mind and amaze others with their intellect.

Read, how the nootropic DMAE may help you significantly improve your emotional state and higher brain functions.

What does DMAE do

DMAE has many remarkable properties:

  • reduces the content of lipofuscin in brain cells,
  • enhances cognitive functions and attention
  • enhances thinking, memory and intelligence,
  • stimulates the mood and alertness.

The nootropic DMAE promotes the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is essential for a proper transmission of impulses between the neurons in the CNS and in the brain.

Thus, DMAE helps improve brain performance, speed of learning and enhance memory.

Other effects of DMAE

The laboratory results confirm that besides improving cognitive functions, DMAE and also possesses some other effects, including the promotion of:

  • sleep and rest quality improvement;
  • involutional changes slowing;
  • increase of energy in the body;
  • communication skills improvement;
  • significant rush of creative forces;
  • increased life expectancy of the cells.

In addition, DMAE exerts an antioxidant effect, thus protecting brain cells from free radicals and toxins.

DMAE helps you activate the metabolic processes in the brain to improve the transmission of impulses between the neurons and to protect them from oxygen starvation.

Buy DMAE online to improve your mood, protect the brain from fatigue, tiredness or depression and speed up the memory, thinking and reaction.

History of DMAE

DMAE was produced as a drug under the brand name Deaner in the US in 80-ies. It was used to treat hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder in children.

Due to the emergence of more effective drugs, this DMAE-containing medication has been withdrawn from production.

Today, DMAE is produced in form of solutions, powders, chewable tablets and food supplements for children. Many cosmetic products manufacturers produced creams, serums and other anti-aging products on the basis of DMAE.

The most popular smart drugs with DMAE

The most popular smart drugs with DMAE are:

  • Focus Factor,
  • Brain Alert,
  • Profiderall,
  • Alpha Focus.

DMAE dietary supplements often include various minerals and vitamins, which enhance the effect of this nootropic agent.

Where can you buy DMAE dietary supplements

The suppliers of dietary supplements with DMAE on the markets of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are the companies:

  • Now Foods;
  • Source Naturals;
  • Country Life;
  • Bluebonnet Nutrition;
  • Life Extension.

How to take DMAE

To improve the cognitive function, use no more than four capsules of DMAE per day.

This nootropic is recommended for use in the morning, about half an hour before breakfast. For additional convenience, you may divide the dose of DMAE supplement into 2-3 intakes per day.

DMAE is present in the human body in a small amount, it is a natural metabolite and is completely safe at any age.

Who can benefit from the use of DMAE

Besides, DMAE might be useful for the representatives of different professions and occupations:

  • DMAE can be used in children to improve learning and improve performance at school;
  • Dietary supplement DMAE might be useful for people of intellectual area, who want to enhance their creative and cognitive skills;
  • DMAE helps the elderly to improve memory and concentration, as well as to prevent the age-related changes of the brain;
  • Athletes may use DMAE to improve mental and physical performance;
  • If your work involves constant communication with people or stress, DMAE may help you improve the communicative function and reduce irritability.

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DMAE allows you to significantly improve the motivation and performance at work or in studies; become calmer and more balanced.

DMAE may help you understand better and memorize faster any information, and being less tired at the same time.