Diet 80/20: Lose 6 Kilograms per Month without Harm to Health

This nutrition scheme helped Olivia Mann, Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen and many others!

“When we started shooting X-Men. Apocalypse, I had to lose a few pounds to make my body look perfect,” Olivia Mann shares, “and I was on a very strict diet, and went to the gym three times a week. After the shooting ended, my weight jerked up and passed over 65 kilograms! With my height of 1 m 63 cm this was a disaster. I rushed to exercise 7 times a week, yet all I felt was the exhaustion, a breakdown and hatred to everyone around me. Then I caught the eye of the 80/20 scheme. And it turned out to be my salvation!”

Diet 80/20: description

The system is simple:

  • 80% of your daily menu should consist of fruits and vegetables.
  • the remaining 20% ​​- anything else (yes, you can even have a burger).

The question that immediately arises is how a normal person can calculate these percentages. Well, the answer is already found. It is enough to divide the meals into “healthy” and “ordinary” meals.

  • With an optimal five-meal eating scheme a day, this means that 4 meals consist of vegetables and fruits, and 1 – of “everything else”.
  • If you eat 3 times a day – two meals are completely dietary, and the third (be breakfast or even lunch) – combines a few vegetables (or fruits) and your favorite food.

The author of the system, Teresa Cutter, says that it is even more efficient to calculate weekly menu using the same formula:

  • 20% of your usual food,
  • all the rest – vegetables and fruits.

With such planning, you can even have “days of disobedience”, when you can eat everything you want all day long.

Of course, you should keep your sanity: if you stuff yourself with 2 servings of French fries during the “free” meal, nothing good comes of it.

If you are planning a celebration or an event, you can “save” for it some margin of safety, for example, by refusing unhealthy food for 3-4 days, which will save you from thinking whether you are allowed to have another piece of pizza or cake during the party.

Can you live on some vegetables and fruits, it’s harmful! you will say. In fact, nothing terrible will happen, if your diet is as varied as possible. Green beans and cherries, broccoli, cauliflower and apricots, eggplants, zucchini and apples, and the quantity is not limited, and portions are not standardized!

Secret of 80/20 diet

Is there anything else, besides the low calories content?

It’s all about the detox. With all that fiber that you are recommended to eat, you:

  • cleanse your body of toxins,
  • normalize the work of the intestines,
  • remove the retained water
  • get your metabolism going.

You can stick to this weight loss “diet” for a lifetime!

“I lost 6 kilos a month, and I was not hungry even for a day,” says Olivia, “and I plan to follow this nutrition scheme forever. My doctor believes that it is useful. The results of my test have improved, the internal organs are functioning better, and the main thing is that I do not have to suffer, knowing that this dessert or this steak, that pizza or that cookie is now inaccessible to me.”