Contrave vs Phentermine

Contrave slimming pills appeared on the market in 2014-2015. Phentermine has been used in treatment of extra weight or obesity for over 50 years now. Many people who would like to reduce their body weight by several pounds, are wondering – Is Phentermine more effective than Contrave?

Contrave vs Phentermine review will help you find out advantages and disadvantages of these two drugs. The time during which a person can get rid of extra kilograms and improve his health depends on what drug he will choose.

Contrave vs Phentermine: mechanism of action

Both drug stimulate the brain areas that control appetite and satiety. These medications can suppress appetite within most of the day, reducing consumption of high-energy food.

Anti-obesity therapy by means of Contrave or Phentermine includes a change of lifestyle, associated with increased physical activity, cooking and eating of balanced meals.

Phentermine vs Contrave: treatment efficiency

Phentermine sympathomimetic amine is effective only in a short-term anti-obesity treatment course. The drug provides clinically significant weight loss (over 5%) within approximately 8 weeks. It is not recommended to use Phentermine over 12 weeks.

Contrave weight loss drug can be used for a long time. However, clinically significant weight loss is achieved much later than after you used Phentermine.

Contrave vs Phentermine: side effects

Both appetite suppressants can cause side effects sometimes. Common side effects of Contrave and Phentermine are dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea and trouble sleeping.

Overweight or obese people often suffer from cardiovascular problems. Phentermine causes cardiovascular side effects more often than Contrave does. High blood pressure is one of the most typical side effects of Phentermine.

Both these drugs have undergone clinical trials and confirmed their efficiency and safety. If you doubt which drug is better to buy Contrave or Phentermine, please consult a pharmacist.

It is possible that total cost of anti-obesity treatment will affect your choice of drugs. You can buy cheap Phentermine generic drugs by many pharmaceutical companies. Contrave diet pills have appeared quite recently hence they are still expensive.