Contrave generic in the EU

Recent news on Mysimba said that the drug got approval in EU. Obese European people knew that similar drug – Contrave was approved in the USA, but they have not had the opportunity to buy it yet.

The efficiency and safety of Mysimba were approved by EMA, CHMP, NHS and other Medicinal Regulatory Authorities. The detailed information on safety and efficiency of Mysimba was published in European Public Assessment Report (EU) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).

Mysimba medication was approved in EU after it had passed all clinical trials successfully. It was confirmed that Mysimba effectively suppresses the appetite, speeds up fat burning and reduces the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension and other concomitant illnesses.

Lately, not so many weight loss drugs have been approved in Europe and some of them, for example, Phentermine have been withdrawn from the market. The European commission decided that benefits of using Phentermine did not outweigh the risk of negative reaction.

Mysimba was approved quite fast. This happened because Mysimba causes side effects much rarely than other weight loss pills do. This refers firstly to cardiovascular side effects, like hypertension and arrhythmia.

Mysimba appetite suppressant was approved for treatment of exogenous obesity or overweight. Mysimba, as well as any other slimming pills, is prescribed in combination with changed lifestyle – balanced diets and physical exercises.

Unlike Phentermine and other anorexigenic medications, Mysimba is approved for a long-term anti-obesity therapy. However, after each year of use of Mysimba pills, it is necessary to reconsider the appropriateness of further anti-obesity therapy with this drug.

The launch of Mysimba sales is expected in several European countries in the end of 2015. The developer and producer of new medication – Mysimba is Orexigen Therapeutics and it does its best to make it happen as soon as possible.

According the latest data, Mysimba is not approved in the UK. If the situation does not change, then obese British people will be able to buy Mysimba weight loss pills no sooner than in 2016-2017, unless they order these pills online.

Contrave is successfully sold in the USA and helps obese Americans getting rid of extra kilograms and changing their lifestyle. Mysimba is a generic of Contrave and it will soon appear in Europe.