Contrave Coupon

Insured and uninsured Americans have the opportunity to buy Contrave at a discount. To get a discount of Contrave, you need to get a coupon. The original name of Contrave coupon is “Contrave Complete Card”.

Obese Americans can get Contrave coupon only after they buy at least two packages of this weight loss product.

  • For insured American people, Contrave price with coupon is $45 USD per pack.
  • For those, who do not have healthcare insurance, Contrave price with coupon is $60 USD.
  • It does not matter whether you have or not a medical insurance, the coupon will save you maximally $10 USD per one Contrave package.

You can get discount Contrave coupons from your physician or over phone. Besides, all the purchasers of weight loss products can get Contrave coupon online in just a few minutes.

To get Contrave coupon online, registration is required. To register your account successfully you need to provide your First name, Last Name, Date of birth, Email and ZIP code.

People from countries, where Contrave is not available cannot get a discount coupon. Considering the fact that in 2016, Contrave is only sold in the USA, only overweight and obese Americans will be able to get Contrave coupon.

In 2015, the sales of Contrave generic versions (Mysimba pills) were launched in Europe. However, no discount programs for Contrave generic drug are provided in Europe.

Therefore, today you can only get a discount on Contrave generic drug in Europe, if your discount coupon for Contrave generic was provided by a drugstore or online pharmacy, but not a European authorization holder (Orexigen Therapeutics Ireland Limited) or an insurance Company.