Why You Can Not Lose Weight Anyhow

Why you can not lose weight anyhow

It seems to you, you do everything to lose weight, but for some reason it just does not decrease. Keep a diary of your training and nutrition. This will help you get a clearer picture of what is really going on. Check if you make the following typical mistakes in training and dieting.

You Are Not Consistent

If you do the exercises irregularly, from time to time, and eat healthy food only from time to time, stop fooling yourself, thinking that this is enough for a weigh loss. Getting a perfect body takes time and a lot of effort. And this means that you need:

  • at least a couple of strength trainings during the week,
  • additional cardio-loads.

Your Trainings Are Insufficiently Various

Your Trainings Are Insufficiently VariousOur body is a very clever mechanism. If you always repeat the same exercises, it gets used to them and remembers movements at the level of muscle memory. Over time, your body adapts to them and ceases to feel a challenge.

You have to constantly change the complex of exercises, so that the muscles do not get used to them and continue working and developing. This means that you need to combine:

  • stretching,
  • strength exercises,
  • cardio loads.

Do not think you will achieve great results by perform just one of these.

You Kept To The Juice Diet

You Kept To The Juice DietAccording to recent studies, the juice diet is not effective for a sustained weight loss.

At the beginning of the diet, it seems to you that the kilograms go off quickly, but in this case you lose mainly water, as well as carbohydrate weight, which later returns back.

Experts advise not to grab for a method that promises a quick result, but to stick to a longer and more consistent method.

You Skip Breakfast

If you miss breakfast, your body will compensate for the missing calories during the day, making you overeat during subsequent meals. It can also slow down the metabolism to conserve energy. This slowing down of metabolism will promote weight gain.

Always do your best to have breakfast. To start the metabolism, it is enough to eat something that contains protein, for example, an egg or a toast with avocado.

You Are Concentrated Only On Cardio-trainings

You Are Concentrated Only On Cardio-trainingsIf you do only cardio exercises during your trainings, you do not adjust your body to a win over your excess weight. You need to develop steel muscles to:

  • activate your body’s potential, directed towards weight burning,
  • burn a higher number of calories every day.
  • Concentrate on strength training to eventually get a slender and toned body.

You Make Little Exercises With Free Weight (Or Do Not Do Them At All)

If you are trying to build muscle and make your body more fit, better use more weight and fewer approaches (15-20) when training, rather than a lighter weight with more approaches (20 or more).

You should constantly (and safe at the same time) train muscles that will displace fat. Better do 10-15 sets of each exercise, but do them in an intense way, not relaxed.

You Always Train In Loneliness

It is proved that people who attend group fitness trainings are more successful in achieving their goals. Why? Because there you are among other people who assess you. And this is a good incentive.

It is certainly much more fun to do everything together! Find yourself a partner for gym training or for the everyday jogging.

Digits On Scales Make You Nervous

Understand that weight is not just numbers. If you build muscle, you can gain weight, because muscles are heavier than fat. But the muscles take up a quarter less space, which means that, despite the constant weight, you will become much more slender.

Yu should also remember that the more muscles you have, the higher is your body’s potential for burning fat, which in turn leads to better results.

You Excluded Food Rich In Carbohydrates From Your Nutrition

This can lead to weight gain over time, and of course, you a significantly lower energy level for training. Your body needs carbohydrates to energize your body throughout the day. However, it is very important to consume only such carbohydrates that your body can easily digest. Perfect examples are:

  • whole-wheat bread,
  • brown rice,
  • quinoa.