How To Calculate How Many Calories You Spend During Sex

Scientists have already found this out, and we will tell you all about it. Here you are, lieing together and looking into the screens of your phones and tablets, while in fact you could be engaged into something more beneficial. Lose weight, for example!

And what a great method we offer!

Not by refusing candies and cakes, but by doing something a lot more pleasant – making love. Scientists have spoken a lot about the usefulness of this matter. But now, everything is proved and can not be questioned.

They know for sure:

  • people do lose extra calories during sex,
  • how many calories they lose.

We thank Italian scientists for this knowledge. During the study, the experts found out that people can burn 100 to 200 calories per hour during sex!

You are too tired to do active exercises and acrobatics?

Then simply kiss each other!

But make sure you do it passionately! After all, you can lose at least 5 calories per minute while doing this, as the statistics say. And this equals to 300 calories per hour.

And now we continue with the most interesting things. It is easy to calculate the number of calories that you spend during a pleasant pastime with your beloved, having in mind the figures, provided by the already known to you Italian scientists.

To do this, you simply need to multiply the amount of minutes you devoted yourself to love making with the number of calories that an average person spends per minute of sex. Thanks to the research, you can now calculate how many extra kilograms your beloved helped you to lose during the night of love, that is, 3.3 kcal.

The data is sure to make the fans of “fast” love making change their habits, because these miserable 15 minutes will help you lose… how much? Just 50 calories! So now, when there is an incentive, you should prolong pleasure with the partner each time.

And you should not forget that kissing and undressing will also help you lose weight. The more seductive and intense your movements, the more fat you burn. By the way, scientists note that the key moment is not only the physical activity, but also the very excitement during sex. So don’t overdo it. The main thing is pleasure, and only then comes the fight against excess weight.

  • And here’s another fact! It turns out that scientists (British, by the way!) have long ago figured out even A perfect day to have sex. And the best day for such cases, according to them, is… Thursday!

The logic here, by the way, is quite understandable:

  • Monday is usually busy with planning the next week,
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are busy with work,
  • On Friday, all thoughts are traditionally about the upcoming weekend and trips outside the city.
  • In weekends, the activity decreases, including the sexual activity…

So it turns out that there is just one day left to love each other, and the day is Thursday!