Caffeine inhalers

You have a busy schedule, and no time even for a cup of coffee?

You need to constantly solve a huge number of important issues?

You need to focus quickly and prepare for an important meeting or conference?

Then Caffeine inhaler is exactly what you need.

What is Caffeine inhaler

Caffeine inhaler is an innovative technology of caffeine delivery into the body. It is a small tube for caffeine inhalation in the form of fine powder.

What does Caffeine inhaler do

Try caffeine inhaler, to improve your cognitive functions with just one inhaling:

  • increase concentration;
  • improve performance;
  • reduce agitation and anxiety;
  • improve memory performance;
  • accelerate learning and memorization.

Currently, caffeine inhaler is produced only by AeroDesigns Company under the brand name AeroLife.

This innovative form of fast caffeine delivery into the body has been invented by David Edwards – innovator, writer, professor at Harvard University, and the founder of Le Laboratoire Company.

Caffeine inhaler AeroLife is produced since 2013.

Unlike coffee-containing energy drinks, chocolate and other similar products, caffeine inhaler contains no harmful components, such as taurine.

AeroLife ingredients

This Caffeine inhaler contains:

  • caffeine,
  • flavors
  • soda bicarbonate,
  • lemon acid,
  • B-group vitamins,
  • natural sweeteners.

Caffeine inhaler AeroLife contains no calories.

It contains herbal sweeteners instead of sugar.

Therefore, caffeine inhaler will be a great alternative to a cup of coffee for you, if you are taking care of your waist and strictly follow the calorie intake.

Buy Caffeine inhaler, and it will help you not only to improve your mental abilities, but also to preserve the slim body.

Other uses of Caffeine inhaler

You may an use it during your workout.

Caffeine inhaler contains no water, so it brings no discomfort during exercise.

Caffeine inhaler is an excellent way to improve cognitive functions and stamina for people of different professions:

  • athletes
  • models
  • businessmen
  • students
  • actors
  • scientists.

One cartridge of Caffeine inhaler AeroLife contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one large cup of strong coffee.

A total of six to eight puffs that you may an breathe in at once or divided into several uses.

How to use Caffeine inhaler

Caffeine inhaler is very easy to use:

  • open the cap and bring caffeine inhaler to your mouth;
  • click and make a superficial inhaling;
  • swallow the powder and close the cap.

Caffeine inhaler allows you to easily measure the exact portion of the caffeine that you need to improve your mood, concentration, memory and endurance during strenuous work or study.

Do not use caffeine inhaler more than three times a day.

Buy caffeine inhaler AeroLife online to always be the center of all important events.

Alternative to Caffeine inhaler

If you’re used to more conservative methods of cognitive function improvement, you may use smart pills or drinks Procera XTF, Profiderall or Uptime Energy as an alternative to AeroLife.

However, they begin to act a little later than the caffeine inhaler.

Through the caffeine inhaler AeroLife caffeine quickly penetrates into your blood and starts exerting its action sooner than if you drank a cup of coffee.

Caffeine powder, which the inhaler contains, is especially designed as large particles, so it does not enter the lungs when inhaled.

AeroLife is a convenient, portable form of caffeine inhaler, which fits easily into your bag, briefcase or pocket.

Where can you use Caffeine inhaler

If you urgently need to make a boost and improve attention or memorizing ability, you may use the caffeine inhaler at any place and at any time:

  • in the office,
  • in the car,
  • in the audience,
  • at the conference,
  • at an important meeting,
  • during a flight on an airplane,
  • while walking in the street.

Caffeine inhaler has an attractive aroma and taste, and can improve your cognitive abilities for the entire day.

Moreover, the caffeine inhaler does not affect the color and the health of your teeth, unlike coffee beverages.

Using it may help you save on dentist visits.

The caffeine inhaler AeroLife is a revolutionary new caffeine delivery system, which may help you improve concentration, enhance memory and improve mental processes at work or school.

Advantages of Caffeine inhaler

The caffeine inhaler has many advantages:

  • it is easy to use;
  • It has a rapid effect;
  • It has an antioxidant effect;
  • it contains no calories and taurine;
  • it can be used without water.

Use caffeine inhaler AeroLife and enjoy the pure taste and aroma of natural coffee.

Caffeine inhaler is the fastest and easiest way to enrich your blood with the required dose of caffeine, increase attentiveness, vitality and improve memory.