Blood Type B Diet

Blood type B diet

The author of the blood type diet, the American naturopath Peter D’Adamo, never denied that the blood type B diet is, perhaps, the easiest of all. It is distinguished by a minimum amount of prohibitions and a large amount of recommended products. Let’s take a closer look at the blood type B diet…

Blood type B diet is the easiest of all blood type diets. It allows you to lose weight and bring your body in a perfect condition within a very short period of time, without the need to restrict the consumption of many foods.

Distinctive features of the blood type B diet

Blood type B diet is the so-called “diet of nomads”. It is believed that people with the third blood type appeared at the time when the skills of humanity included not only hunt and farming, but also began leading a nomadic lifestyle.

The lifestyle of these people mingled sedentary and wandering, and their nutrition combined meat-eating (inherited by them from people with 0 type blood, i.e., saying it with the slang of D’Adamo – from “hunters”) and the consumption of large amounts of plant foods (from the “farmers”).

As a rule, people who eat everything and do not get fat, thus causing an unhealthy envy, refer namely to the “nomad” type and have B type blood.

Indeed, blood type B diet is the most complete and varied. And this is why naturopaths consider it particularly useful. For example, it is known that people with a B type blood usually have a weak immune systems, and often suffer from such diseases, as diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome.

However, if they adhere to a special diet, diseases that are typical for them not only stop developing, but, on the contrary, slow down or disappear without a trace.

List Of Recommended Foods For The Blood Type B Diet:

Meat and meat products, as well as fish and seafood. For people with B type blood, meat is an indispensable source of protein and iron, B12 vitamin and other nutrients. Fish generously shares valuable fatty acids with them. Both meat and fish contribute to the improvement of the “nomads’” metabolism.

  • Eggs and dairy products are useful for the same reason (both fermented dairy products and whole milk foods).
  • Cereals that are recommended include millet, rice and oats.
  • Vegetables of choice for this diet are leafy salads, all kinds of cabbage. Carrots, beets, eggplant and peppers are also very useful.
  • Drinks you are allowed to consume while on blood type B diet include green tea, pineapple and cranberry juice, and water with lemon.
  • Spice of choice is ginger.

“Forbidden” Foods For Blood Type B Diet:

Blood type B diet doesn’t have a lot of restrictions. Yet they do exist. So, you should abandon the following products:

  1. Corn and lentils. These products can cause hypoglycemia (a decrease in blood glucose concentration), and thus slow down the metabolism.
  2. All types of nuts, particularly peanuts. For the same reason – nuts retard the digestion and metabolism in individuals with B type blood.
  3. As for drinks, it is desirable to abandon tomato juice, beer and spirits.

Blood type B diet is diverse and not too difficult to stick to. Another bonus that the nature has endowed people with B type blood is the ability to quickly and “cost-effectively” adapt to new conditions. They are “nomads”, after all.

That is why these people, especially the ones who keep blood type B diet, can have no fear for digestive problems, when dramatically changing continents, countries and cuisines. Even exotic overseas food usually causes no problems.