What is the best time to have lunch, if you want to lose weight?

Scientists have calculated the most dietary time for lunch!

When we choose exclusively dietary dishes for lunch and dinner and cut portions of our favorite dishes, we, quite reasonably, expect to lose weight.

However, researchers at the University of Louisiana say:

if it is a matter of reducing weight, it is very important not only to keep track of what you eat, but also when you do it.

We all know by heart the mantra of multiple nutritionists – No food after 6 PM!

And what about breakfast and lunch? What oath of raw carrots and oatmeal on the water should we give? Something like “I don’t have breakfast until 07 AM” and “Hour struck – time to dine”? So, let’s develop an ideal eating regime.

What is the best time for dinner, if you want to lose weight?

Researches have shown that optimal time for:

  • Breakfast is 7:11 to 8:00 in the morning,
  • Lunch – 12: 38 to 13:00,
  • Dinner – 18: 14 to 18: 45.

The process of weight correction depends by 84% on the balanced composition of the diet in general and by 76% – on the content of breakfast, as the most important meal that helps reduce the number of calories consumed per day.

And, of course, the guarantee of success and a slender waist is early dinner. All of us are the least active in the evening, so extra calories are usually accumulated, not burned during this period.

Moreover, skipping at least one of the three meals significantly complicates, rather than accelerates, weight loss process.