Apoaequorin is a natural protein, patented by Quincy Bioscience Company.

Today, Apoaequorin is widely used to support the work of the brain and improve memory in people over 40 years of age.

If you have been looking for an effective and safe way to improve your memory and maintain brain performance, try Apoaequorin!ApoaequorinApoaequorin is recommended for use in patients with age-related impairment of cognitive functions.

Apoaequorin effects

Apoaequorin protein effectively helps improve:

  • Memorizing information
  • Communicative function
  • Speed of thinking.

Several independent laboratory tests have shown that Apoaequorin helps to significantly improve brain function, especially in the memorizing and preservation of information in just three months.

To improve your mental and cognitive abilities and enhance the brain performance, take 10 mg of Apoaequorin within three months.

Results of Apoaequorin tests

Apoaequorin is clinically proven to:

  • not cause side reactions,
  • be well tolerated by the elderly,
  • have a high safety profile,
  • not react with drugs.

However, we recommend that you carefully read the review of the substance or the instructions for its proper use before using nootropics with Apoaequorin.

If you notice that your memory began to deteriorate with age, and you want to maintain your brain health and to stop forgetting about important things or events, use Apoaequorin.

History and benefits of Apoaequorin

A Japanese-American scientist, Osamu Shimomura, first discovered Apoaequorin in 1962.

Apoaequorin protein is the active ingredient of popular in the US smart tablets Prevagen.

Smart drugs with Apoaequorin are widely used in medical and private practice.

Thanks to its effective impact on memory, Apoaequorin received a huge amount of positive feedbacks, including from medical personnel of Mayo clinic.

Apoaequorin improves calcium absorption in the body and controls the level of this beneficial agent in the CNS.

Due to this effect, Apoaequorin stimulates the release of neurotransmitters and improves the transfer of alpha waves between the neurons.

Apoaequorin helps prevent the reduction of proteins that occurs in people aged 40 an more.

Use Apoaequorin to strengthen neural connections in the brain, thus greatly improving your memory.

With Apoaequorin ability to strengthen the connection between the nerve cells, it is often used in the treatment of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Regular use of Apoaequorin also helps:

  • improve sleep quality,
  • reduce the number of nighttime awakenings,
  • improve the rest during the night.

Where to buy Apoaequorin

This Apoaequorin-containing nootropic is available for sale online in such large stores, as:

  • Walgreens,
  • CVS Pharmacy,
  • The Vitamin Shoppe,
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy,
  • Duane Reade.

Buy smart tablets with Apoaequorin to never forget important dates or scheduled events.

Regular use of Apoaequorin will help you better and faster memorize the necessary data and make fewer mistakes during work.