A large variety of nootropics exists today for improving the cognitive function in humans. The most popular and effective of these drugs are considered smart drugs of Racetams group, which includes Aniracetam.

Like other nootropics of this groups, like Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam enhances human cognitive function. However, its effect on the intellectual capacity is much stronger.

Aniracetam has a significant positive effect on the two hemispheres of the brain, improving the connection between the neurons, prolonging their activity and youth.

Thus, Aniracetam nootropic:

  • helps improve the human intellectual activity,
  • protects the neurons from premature aging and destruction,
  • reduces the intensity of the stress and anxiety impact on the brain.

Try Aniracetam-containing smart drugs to protect your brain from amnesia or other cognitive disorders, caused by trauma, exposure to drugs or involutional changes.

When healthy people use Aniracetam, it helps to quickly and effectively improve the ability to learn and the ability to memorize large amounts of information.

Aniracetam allows you to strengthen and improve:

  • memory
  • reasoning
  • alertness
  • brain activity
  • abstract thinking
  • recognition of objects
  • information perception
  • intellectual skills.

Aniracetam nootropic helps improving the impairment of the cholinergic system, which may occur in the elderly. Aniracetam stimulates and prolongs the activity of glutamic acid receptors, which have a huge impact on the formation of memory and learning ability.

Several laboratory studies provide compelling evidence that Aniracetam effectively helps to improve cognitive function in older people with:

  • Developing Amnesia
  • Degenerative Diseases
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Involutional Changes.

If you feel that your cognitive performance began to deteriorate with age, take smart capsules Aniracetam.

This nootropic is recommended for older people to prevent involutional cognitive impairments, including:

  • memory deterioration,
  • attention lowering,
  • concentration deficit,
  • low visual perception,
  • deterioration of auditory perception,
  • spatial disorientation.

Aniracetam is the most popular in the United States, the Great Britain and Italy. In these countries, to improve the functioning of your brain, you may buy Aniracetam in the form of capsules, stacks, oral granules or sachets. In Italy, the latest Aniracetam formulation is presently not available.

Aniracetam-containing smart drugs are also very popular in Japan, where they are widely used for improving cognitive performance and enhancing memory. The Japanese have made an enormous contribution to the study of Aniracetam nootropic.

Use smart drugs with Aniracetam, and in just two months you will notice significant improvement of your brain functioning. At present, the list of the most famous brands of Aniracetam-containing smart products includes:

  • Ampamet
  • Draganon
  • Pergamid
  • Memodrin
  • Referan.

You may buy Aniracetam smart capsules for improving brain function online at Amazon or GNC. Aniracetam often makes part of complex dietary supplements in conjunction with such nootropic agents, as:

  • DMAE
  • Noopept
  • Pyritinol
  • Picamilon
  • Idebenone
  • Alpha GPC
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • Centrophenoxine

To improve your cognitive activity, take Aniracetam capsules at a dosage of 500 to 1500 mg per day. Smart tablets Aniracetam are recommended to be taken twice a day, one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

Before using the oral granules Aniracetam, you should dissolve the content of the sachet in water. Not more than 1500 mg of Aniracetam in any dosage form are allowed to be taken per day.

To enhance the therapeutic effects of Aniracetam, try using it with other smart drugs, such as Alpha Brain, Modafinil, Adderall or Nootropil.

The first mention of Aniracetam as a nootropic is dated with 1979. Nowadays, the experience of using this smart drug in world medical practice accounts for more than 35 years. Aniracetam received many positive reviews during this period of time.

The nootropic drug Aniracetam is clinically proven not only to effectively improve the cognitive function, but is also completely safe for people of all ages.

Aniracetam is well tolerated, does not cause addiction or any adverse reactions. Due to this, Aniracetam-containing smart drug may be used even in children aged four and older.