Anavar (brand name for Oxandrolone) belongs to the group of dihydrotestosterones, or DHT, and is a popular anabolic steroid. It earned its popularity thanks to the effects that it provides and outstanding outer and inner results in athletes of both genders. In essence, this synthetic Testosterone compound is intended for use in those bodybuilders, who want to increase their muscle strength and the amount of lean muscles, as well as achieve higher fat loss results, when coupling this steroid with appropriate dieting and exercising. Being a side effect-friendly steroid, Anavar goes great for those, who only make their first steps into the world of steroids. No matter which level steroid user you are, you will surely benefit from below information on Anavar for sale, Anavar side effects and Anavar cycles, which will help you get along with this mild anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) very well and achieve the desired bodybuilding goals faster.

Anavar case study: What does Anavar do?

Probably, one of the main questions that appear in any new steroid user after they check out Anavar results is “what about the side effects?” Anavar is unique through its mild androgenic and high anabolic features, due to which the possibility of unpleasant reactions is as low, as possible. Therefore, both men and women can use this anabolic steroid to enhance their muscle strength, improve performance and get a ripped look without having to worry about virilization or feminization, respectively. Any professional athlete who wants to maintain his weight category and obtain higher strength levels will love Anavar for ensuring exactly the result that he needs.

Women and Anavar relationship deserves a separate discussion, because Anavar became a godsend for women athletes, since no other steroid is capable of providing as many benefits as Anavar provides for women without causing a long list of side effects. Other anabolic steroids are too strong for a female body, since they are derivatives of the main male sex hormone, Testosterone, and its high doses cause massive side effects in women, which are often irreversible. Loss of hair on the head and increased hair growth on the body, deepening of the voice and a couple of other usual steroid side effects that manifest in women are not an issue when it comes to using Anavar.

Anavar dosing regimen

When choosing an Anavar dose, several important factors should be considered in order to make a correct choice and ensure the required benefits without causing unnecessary health damage. First off, the initial daily dose in men and women varies significantly, and beginners Anavar users may choose to start with 2.5mg Anavar (women) and 20mg (men). However, these are the lowest possible doses for both genders, and they should be increased in a gradual manner as the course goes, with maximum Anavar doses being 40mg (women) and 120 mg (men). At that, it is important to understand that long use of highest doses increases the risk of side effects, and their manifestation depends on individual tolerance, as well.

Therefore, if you have never used Anavar pills before, it is advisable to initiate your relationship with this steroid with an Anavar-only cycle and check out your personal body response to this anabolic steroid before stacking Anavar with other AAS. If the time comes to stack it with other muscle building steroids and you wonder how much Anavar to buy so that you have enough for the entire course, you should take some time, sit down, carefully write down the schedule for the course, and calculate the amount of Anavar pills that you will need.

Anavar cycles

There is no such thing as an Anavar cycle that fits all bodybuilders and is perfect for all purposes. Women will always need to take Anavar dosage that is significantly lower than that for men. In addition, women are lucky to get the best of Anavar pills, since their use ensures female athletes with good lean gains, and they can limit their steroid course to Anavar-only cycle without even needing to run a PCT. However, some women athletes like to pair their Anavar cycles with Human Growth Hormone to obtain even more impressive results without increasing the risk of unpleasant reactions.

Men, on the contrary, need to make a different choice, if their aim is bulking and obtaining high muscle gains. Anavar cycle, though, will go well if a man needs to get rid of some fat reserves and improve performance before a competition or get a ripped look before the beach season. However, men do need to include other anabolic steroids to their Anavar cycle, if they are looking for higher muscle building results. As mentioned earlier, the highest dose allowed for men is 120mg, though not many athletes dare to take it, especially if their before and after Anavar blood test have shown a significant difference in natural testosterone production.

Anavar Safety & Precautions

Speaking of the safest ways to use Anavar, it is essential to keep in mind that you should avoid taking too much of it in pursue of higher Anavar results, as well as making your Anavar cycle longer than the maximum allowed 8 weeks. While these general precautions should help you avoid Anavar side effects, the ability of your body to “work” with Anavar plays a huge role, the same as your current health condition, fitness level, and the eating plan that you choose to observe. So, before you start searching for Anavar for sale, better check out the list of contraindications to its use, which, among others, includes.

  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • Hepatic disorders,
  • Chronic or ongoing kidney issues,
  • Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Anavar side effects.

Even though Anavar pills are widely known as a steroid that ensures a fantastic before and after difference in athletes, who use it wisely and include a well though over eating+exercising routine for their cutting and offseason phases, the risk of side effects should not be underestimated. Some mild Anavar side effects, related to skin and gastrointestinal issues can be easily addressed with simple measures, like adjusting your menu and using appropriate skin care products.

Still, there are other side effects, which require a more careful attention, including:

  • Increase in liver enzyme values. While this steroid goes mild on the liver function, it is still advisable to run a liver detoxifying course together with or at least after the Anavar cycle. Even though reasonable Anavar dosages within the recommended period usually do not cause liver damage, this AAS may increase the load on your liver, which in turn may result in hepatic failure.
  • Hypertension and high total cholesterol. Yes, these undesirable effects are possible during the use of Anavar pills. Still, the risk of their development depends on several factors, which include general lifestyle habits. If your health state is perfect or nearly perfect, if you observe healthy eating and exercising plan, you are very likely to avoid the mentioned Anavar side effects.
  • Masculinization in women. Being the safest anabolic steroid for women, Anavar does not provide 100% safety from virilization, and it is essential that women comply with the recommended dosing schedule and course duration. At that, it is highly recommended to stop using Anavar, if women notice any worrisome side effect in order not to let it become permanent.

Anavar PCT

Anavar PCT is another story that has two variants, and again women get the best of Anavar, since they do not need to run a PCT after an Anavar-only or Anavar stack cycle. The only measure that they have to take to avoid possible ‘withdrawals’ is to gradually decrease their dose as they approach the end of the cycle. Men, on the contrary, do need to run a PCT, even if they run just a short Anavar-only cycle, since this steroid does decrease natural testosterone production. To avoid all low-test side effects, men are recommended to run a 1-1.5 month long PCT with either Clomid alone or in combination with Nolvadex.

Anavar and fat loss goals

If you are searching for Anavar for sale to use it for a significant fat loss, you might be disappointed with the final result. Anavar cycle can be used to lose some insignificant amount of fat that you find difficult to lose just through dieting and exercising, i.e. the fat right under your skin that doesn’t allow you to achieve 100% firm and ripped look. If your fat layer is thicker than that, you will need to first work on getting rid of most part of it before you buy Anavar. Only then, should you switch to extremely restricted diet and serious exercising routine, and top those off with an Anavar-only cycle to get the best muscle definition. At that, this anabolic-androgenic steroid will not let your muscles melt under the conditions of low calorie menu.

Anavar stacks

Choosing components of your steroid course to stack Anavar with requires a careful understanding of your goals for this course. That is, if you want to use Anavar pills for strength improvement, you might want to stack them with Halotestin and Testosterone. If your aim is bulking, better choose to stack Anavar with Dianabol, and for cutting purpose pair Anavar with Trenbolone and Winstrol. In doing so, you should not forget about moderation in both Anavar dosage and doses of other steroids that you stack Anavar with to make sure that you don’t overcome the safe limit and do not cause any harm to your internal organs. The great news is that you can adjust the doses no problem, especially due to the fact that many steroids enhance the effects of other steroids, used alongside.

In pursue of finding Anavar for sale online, people often face a waterfall of Anavar before and after photos. Their obvious question is ‘how long did it take those people to achieve such amazing Anavar results?’, and the answer is quite simple. Well, maybe not that simple to explain it all in three words. However, it is important to understand that all results, whether with Anavar or without it, require your commitment and strict compliance with the chosen plan for eating and exercising. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and posing your health to various threats without obtaining anything desired.

  • So, your plan for getting a ripped looked is to observe a high-protein diet restricted in calories paired with HIIT trainings.
  • When it comes to bulking cycles that include Anavar pills, you should act conversely to the above plan, i.e. increase your daily calories along with the amount of protein consumed daily and pair this eating plan with serious weight loads.

If you follow the recommendations and show perfect commitment to your goals, you can:

  • Fat without losing muscle
  • Some lean muscles (men)
  • A lot lean muscles (women)
  • Strength and endurance

As it is with any medication, and weight loss boosting products in particular, individual results vary greatly and depend on a long list of factors, including your starting weight, body fat percentage and diet that you choose, ending with the amount of water that you drink during the day and the amount of time that you dedicate to sound sleep. While some Anavar users can boast with achieving the desired result and losing the fat they wanted to lose, there are lots of Anavar users, who say that this steroid did not do anything for them. And that wasn’t because Var is so bad and helpless, but because not everybody is ready to work hard. If you’re not ready, and if your BF is way above 10%, stop looking for Anavar for sale and engage in a comprehensive fat loss program first – save your money, time and nerves.

Legal status of Anavar

Now that you know pretty well about what is Anavar and why so many people choose it to lean out and enhance performance, you might be wondering where you can buy Anavar, online or offline. As with any steroids, the possibility of finding Anavar for sale depends on where you live and the current legislation of your country concerning the list of controlled meds. In some countries, you will find Anavar pills available without a prescription, while the laws of other countries do not allow you to buy Anavar legally, and many users prefer buying Anavar online, on trusted sources.

Anavar FAQ

Is it true that Anavar is safe for women, or just a marketing trick?

The biggest drawback of steroids use in women is the risk of virilization, and that’s exactly what most women want to know before they buy Anavar – “will it cause those nasty masculine features?” The answer is simple – it depends on your luck, i.e. individual body response to Anavar cycle. Some women are lucky enough to use this anabolic steroid without experiencing any side effects, while in others virilization symptoms appear very fast after the cycle initiation, even if taken at the lowest dose. Therefore, those female athletes, who are into having their first Anavar cycle, are recommended to start it with the lowest possible dose and use the AAS no longer than 4 weeks, just to check individual response and its usefulness for their goals.

If everything goes well during the first week, and you don’t notice any unpleasant changes in your appearance, you can increase the dose for the second week, and the third, while dividing the fourth week in two and taking a lower dose closer to the end of the cycle. This measure will help avoid any possible postmenopausal-like side effects at Anavar cessation. Keep in mind that women are not recommended to extend the cycle duration or use highest Anavar dose for women for a long time. At that, if you notice any signs of masculinization, it is advised to immediately stop Anavar, as ignoring the signs and further steroid use can make them irreversible.

What benefits should you expect from the use of Anavar pills?

Probably, the main advantage of Anavar steroid is its side-effects friendly nature, since other steroids that provide effects close to those of Anavar have significantly higher risks for causing unpleasant reactions.

At that, the beneficial effects of Anavar pills also build up in a very attractive list, and namely:

  • Performance enhancement,
  • Strength increase, resulting in the use of higher weights during trainings,
  • Higher stamina and lower tiredness after trainings, hence faster restoration,
  • Solid gains of lean muscles,
  • Protection from muscle loss during calorie-restricted dieting that aims leaning out,
  • Elimination of fat under your skin and in the abdominal area, thus providing a firmer look,
  • Providing higher chance for keeping the fat off for longer time.

Is Anavar effective?

To be sure about the effectiveness of a product or a medication, we usually refer to opinions of people, who have the experience of using it, and we do our best to find both positive and negative experiences. Anavar reviews resemble the dynamics of success in different Anavar users, as well as help to understand two simple things,

  • if you are a man:
  • If you are running an Anavar-only cycle for cutting, you have to diet and train like never before to get the best result.
  • If you are stacking Anavar in a bulking cycle, do it properly and go very wise with your eating, training and selecting the pairing steroids.
  • If you are a woman:
  • You will get your leaning out, if you follow a strict low-calorie diet and get into cardio trainings.
  • You will achieve significant bulking on Anavar, and you don’t even have to run a PCT.

To cut it short, Anavar does work for those who use it correctly.

What results can I achieve on Anavar?

Keep in mind that final results on Anavar will depend on various factors and may vary greatly from one athlete to another. When you buy Anavar pills and use them for a cutting cycle for 1.5 months, you may lose up to 3 kg of fat. At that, you may achieve some lean muscle gains, so your weighing results might show an increase. Still, you will notice a better muscle definition and certainly a great strength improvement. You will also see that you need a lot less time to restore after a serious weight training, and this is another beneficial Anavar result.

Anavar vs Winstrol – who wins?

Placing Anavar vs Winstrol on a boxing ring will almost 100% result in a tie score. There is a good reason why AAS users tend to compare these two compounds, and the difference between them is quite insignificant.

Comparing Anavar vs Winstrol, we can say that they are twin brothers with insignificant differences, one of those being the price. Anavar, therefore, can be replaced by Winstrol in compounds that users buy from dealers. Many steroid users figure out that they are on Winnie instead of Var when their joints begin to ache all of a sudden. Before you buy Anavar online at any source that you choose, better read the reviews to make sure that you are buying the right stuff.

If I want to buy Anavar online, what’s the best strategy?

Before you proceed with a search of Anavar for sale, we recommend you to take some time and calculate the amount of Anavar pills that you will need for the cycle. To do this, you can use the following formula:

(D1xA1 + D2xA2 + D3xA3 + … + DnxAn) / Anavar dosage in one pill =

the amount of pills for the cycle

, where:

D – stands for the amount of days that you will take a certain dosage

A – stands for the Anavar dosage that you take per day

1, 2, 3, 4, … , n – are options for the amount of days and doses.

For example, you plan to take:

  • Week 1 – 50 mg
  • Week 2 – 60 mg
  • Week 3 – 70 mg.

14 days x 50 mg + 7 days x 60 mg + 7 days x 70 mg) / 10 mg = 161 pill.

It is important to know how many Anavar pills you need, because the price of Anavar for sale may depend on how many packs you buy online at a time. Besides, if you find a good price with a paid-for delivery, it will be better to get all packs you need and pay the shipment fee just once.

One more important step before you buy Anavar online is to study carefully the list of countries, to which the chosen source delivers the steroid. Reading the reviews about this Anavar supplier’s services and the quality of the product is also advisable before placing the order.

If I want to buy Anavar online, where should I look for it?

In countries, where Anavar is not available for sale or requires doctor’s prescription, which is not always convenient, people prefer to buy Anavar online. Several reasons make them choose the services of online drugstores, namely convenience, good prices for Anavar, good delivery options, as well as availability of less expensive Anavar generics. Your choice of your online Anavar supplier will depend on the possibility of the steroid delivery to the city of your residence. So, even before you take a look at Anavar price or special offers, check out whether it can be delivered where and when you need it.