Alertec is a popular medication taken as an effective wakefulness agent and designed to help those patients who have serious sleeping disorders, including OSA, narcolepsy and others.

General Information

For patients interested in its intake, keep in mind that Alertec is a prescription drug available in the form 200 mg pills, popular in Canada and Ecuador, and manufactured by Shire Canada Inc.

alertecIts active ingredient is modafinil, and it’s a good alternative to Provigil sold in the US. It’s interesting that some doctors may prescribe it not only to treat narcolepsy, but also as a safe and effective treatment for ADHD, depression, anxiety and even weight loss.

Besides, many people also take this medication as a great cognitive enhancer to boost their mental performance. You can buy Alertec in Canada both in online and offline pharmacies, but make sure that you have doctor’s prescription. Some of its most famous alternatives include Provigil, Modafinil, Adderall, Modalert and Dexedrine.

How to Use Alertec Properly

  • When treating narcolepsy, take 1-2 pills twice a day and remember that this medication starts working slowly, so that it may take about 1 hour to experience its effects.
  • When treating OSA, your daily dosage is 2 tablets taken once a day (in the morning).
  • If you have shift work disorders, you should take 2 pills once a day at least one hour before starting your work.

In addition, your physician may ask to show an ECG and monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. It’s necessary to avoid the use of Alertec in the evening because it may prevent you from falling asleep at normal time.

Alertec Benefits

The greatest benefit of using it is helping patients stay awake and remain alert or functional, although they are sleep deprived. If you have any medical condition associated with disrupted sleeping patterns, this medicine guarantees that you will have enough energy throughout the day.

Alertec can help you reset the internal body clock that is responsible for regulating wake and sleep cycles. Some patients start taking it to decrease their need for sleep, and this drug also demonstrates an improved cognitive function, especially when it comes to reasoning and memory.

There are many clinical trials and tests that prove its use can help people boost their motivation, reactive times, brain activity and vigilance. Another great thing is that Alertec decreases impulse responses, thus, helping you get rid of hyperactivity and impulsivity. It also has quite a positive effect on the mood of those patients who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Its Effects on the Brain

It’s worth mentioning that most of its methods of action are still not 100% understood, but it’s known that Alertec affects histamine levels in your central nervous system, and this means that it interacts with dopamine by inhibiting its actions, thus, increasing its concentration in the brain.

Keep in mind that dopamine is related to executive functions of your brain, including abilities to sustain attention, focus, drive, etc. This medicine also has stimulant effects, but its mechanism of action is different from well-known stimulants, and this is what makes it different from Ritalin and other similar drugs.

Side Effects of Alertec

The good news is that this medication is quite safe and well-tolerated by most patients, but they need to take it according to the directions of their doctors. In rare cases, some adverse effects are reported, and they include mild headaches, nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, unusual nervousness, insomnia and others.