Adipex and pulmonary disease

Slimming drug Adipex is used for treatment of obesity and overweight. This weight-loss drug is prescribed to obese patients with a BMI above 30 kg / m2, as well as to patients with a BMI of 27 and above in case of obesity related diseases (type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia).

The main component of Adipex is an anorectic substance Phentermine, which is chemically similar to amphetamine. Just as other anorexigenic agents, appetite suppressant Phentermine can cause a number of side effects, including Primary pulmonary hypertension.

Because of ability to raise blood pressure in bloodstream of pulmonary artery and to increase heartbeats, it is believed that Adipex can cause development of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).

Usually symptoms of PAH are:

  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • dizziness and fainting
  • palpitations and irregular heart work.

Although PAH cannot be completely cured, recently scientists have created a lot of pharmacological methods for treatment of this disease. Most of them are aimed at cessation or reduction of intensity of processes leading to blockage of pulmonary arteries and increase in blood pressure.

  • In treatment of PAH, patients can be prescribed with anticoagulants or calcium channel blockers
  • For treatment of severe forms of PAH, Epoprostenol-containing drugs (Flolan, Veletri) that are administered intravenously are often recommended for patients.

Due to the fact that intravenous administration of Epoprostenol is a complicated procedure, scientists have developed a drug Treprostinil (Remodulin), which is administered subcutaneously in PAH therapy.

In July 2009, FDA approved prescription medicine inhalation solution Tyvaso (Treprostinil), which should only be used with the Tyvaso Inhalation System. In December 2013, the FDA approved tablets Orenitram (Treprostinil) that are one of the dosage forms used in antihypertensive therapy.

However, obese patients should not panic. When following the established therapeutic dose and recommendations on the use of Adipex (Phentermine), appetite suppressant can cause disorders of blood circulation in the lungs only in very rare cases

Numerous clinical studies have shown that Adipex is an effective drug with a high safety profile and tolerability.