Adipex FAQ

How many kilograms can I lose while using Adipex diet pills?

For 12 weeks of Adipex use, you can lose 5 to 15% of your initial body weight.

The greatest weight loss is observed in the beginning of anti-obesity therapy with Adipex; it starts decreasing to the end of medicamental obesity treatment.

How does Adipex help to lose weight ?

Adipex suppresses appetite, increases metabolic rate and energy, as well as prevents re-accumulation of fat in the body.

As a result of using Adipex diet pills, the body gets fewer amount of calories than it burns throughout a day.

Can I increase the weight loss effect of Adipex?

If you take Adipex diet pills along with a low-calorie diet and physical exercises, you will get maximum weight loss rate.

Which diet should I observe while taking Adipex pills?

Unfortunately, there is no universal diet for obese people.

Before you begin using Adipex, you can make up a diet plan on your own, or seek help of a professional nutritionist.

Some nutritionists offer their service online.

How does physical activity influence Adipex effectiveness?

Physical exercises help to speed up metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning.

What are the long-term effects of Adipex?

Having achieved the weight loss by means of Adipex, people can greatly reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and even severe cardiovascular pathologies.

How do I maintain my weight after I finish Adipex?

To maintain at normal weight level for long time, people should eat healthy foods and lead an active life.

Only this way you can keep the result you have achieved with Adipex.

What is the most effective Adipex dose?

An average daily dose of Adipex must does not exceed 37.5mg.

Maximal dose of Adipex 37.5mg can be taken once (in the morning) or divided into 2 intakes (one in the morning and another one at least 6-8 hours before sleep).

How do I get rid of headache, caused by Adipex?

If you have a severe headache after the intake of Adipex, doctor can recommend you to take over-the-counter analgesic pill.

To prevent headaches, it is recommended to avoid stress and walk in the fresh air regularly.

How do I get rid of bad breath, caused by Adipex?

If dry mouth becomes a side effect of Adipex and therefore patient suffers from bad breath, the doctor can prescribe some drugs that stimulate saliva production (saliva substitutes).

These kind of tablets are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

If patient doesn’t have dry mouth, yet he has a bad breath, he should brush his teeth regularly and use some mouth refreshing spray if needed.

How do I prevent sleeplessness on Adipex?

To prevent insomnia, take Adipex tablets in the first part of the day.

To improve night sleep, patient can be recommended to use over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Can I take Adipex during my period?

Adipex do not affect menstrual cycle and women’s fertility.

Therefore, Adipex can be prescribed to women of childbearing age.

If a woman takes some medications to regulate her menstruation, the doctor must make sure these medications have no drug interactions with Adipex, before prescribing the anti-obesity therapy.

Can I take Adipex in early pregnancy?

Pregnant women have not taken part in the studies of Adipex safety and efficiency.

The influence of Adipex on the fetal growth is unknown.

According to animal trials, the intake of Adipex during pregnancy may cause some congenital malformations.

Therefore, Adipex weight loss tablets are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Can Adipex reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

Adipex does not reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

If a long-term use of combined birth control pills caused obesity progression, women can be prescribed Adipex pills for a quick weight loss.

Is there any alternative to Adipex weight loss pills?

If Adipex pills are contraindicated to you, the doctor can prescribe some other diet pills instead of them.

In the US, Tenuate and Belviq diet pills are administered as an alternative to Adipex.