The best exercises on Adipex

Adipex is a short-term adjunct to diets and physical load. Weight loss drug Adipex is prescribed for 12 weeks treatment to overweight people, who failed to achieve positive results from drug therapy. Physical activity is a must of any weight loss program. Actually, any weight loss and weight management program involves low-calorie diet and physical activity.

Adipex slimming pills suppress appetite, speed up metabolism and increase energy. Adipex helps overweight people to change their way of life and control the amount of food they eat.Regular physical activity along with Adipex drug speed up the weight loss process by increasing energy consumption. But the main weight loss takes place when reducing the amount of consumed calories. Physical activity fixes the result and prevents weight gain in future.


Weight loss, caused by Adipex diet pills intake and physical exercises, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including diabetes type 2. Obese people, who use Adipex, should begin with the simplest exercises, gradually increasing the load.

The average level of physical activity during the use of Adipex diet capsules is 30-45 minutes, 3-5 times per week. For people, whose obesity is complicated by cardiovascular pathologies or disorders of the musculoskeletal system, physical exercises are contraindicated.


In case gym workouts worsen the physical state of overweight patient, they can be replaced by heel-and-toe walk or usual walking. Regular walks during the therapy with Adipex tablets help to burn more calories and keep the achieved weight.

Moderate walk during anti-obesity therapy by means of Adipex helps to burn about 150 calories. At the initial stage of anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, nutritionists recommend to walk at least 10 minutes, three times a week. Later, walks should be prolonged (up to 30-45 minutes) every day.

This kind of physical loads while using Adipex weight loss tablets, helps to burn another 100-200 calories a day. It has to be noted that physical activity improves the metabolism, increasing the rate of nutrients combustion.

When physical activity becomes a part of weight loss program along with diet and Adipex diet pills, the body uses larger amount of fat deposits. To lose weight, one should make exercises for all the muscle groups, and then a person will have an optimal body weight and beautiful athletic shape.


If person wants to lose weight, he should take Adipex 37.5 mg tablet in the morning on an empty stomach or 1-2 hours after the breakfast. The application of Adipex diet pills at the same time gives a stable therapeutic effect. In case after the intake of Adipex 37.5 mg pill side effects appear, it is recommended to reduce the daily dose of Adipex.

One Adipex 37.5 mg tablet contains 30 mg of Phentermine. One pill Adipex 37.5 mg can be divided into two equal parts if one needs to reduce the daily dose. Half a tablet Adipex (18.75 mg) is equivalent to Phentermine 15 mg. Minimal dosage of Adipex helps to eliminate or lessen the severity of such side effects as dizziness, insomnia or dry mouth.

Is it normal to drink lots of water when taking Adipex pills?

To increase saliva production during the use of Adipex weight loss tablets, one should:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Chew or suck candies (sugar-free)
  • Control the air humidity in the room
  • Refuse from salty foods
  • Use red pepper or paprika when cooking.

Sometimes to increase the saliva production, doctors prescribe special saliva substitutes. Non-prescription medications Xerostom and Biotene contain natural enzymes of saliva that relieve dry mouth (xerostomia).


To ease up the dry mouth symptoms, people can get over-the-counter drugs Xerostom and Biotene in form of toothpaste, mouth spray, gel, mouthwash, chewing gum or candies. Because these drugs contain natural enzymes, they can be used together with Adipex.

Just one pill Xerostom or Biotene can moisturize the mouth and eliminate the discomfort from the use of Adipex tablets (dryness in mouth) within 5 hours. These drugs relieve irritation and increase sensitivity, which was reduced because of dry mouth from Adipex diet pills use. Apart from mouth moisturizing, Xerostom and Biotene increase natural anti-bacterial protection of the mouth cavity. However, before taking any drugs during anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, person should consult a doctor. One can also get rid of dry mouth caused by Adipex weight loss tablets, by drinking a lot of water.


Drinking sufficient amount of water not only removes the dryness in the mouth, but also enhances the effect of Adipex. Theoretically, during Adipex therapy patient should drink at least one glass of water every hour. Because the consumption of sufficient amount of water helps the body to completely assimilate Adipex.

Water regulates the body mass and temperature, delivering nutrients to cells, removing the decay products from the body and accelerating metabolism. Therefore, patients should increase their water consumption for normal functioning of the body while taking Adipex slimming pills.

Daily water intake for active weight loss with Adipex – is 30 ml per kilogram. In addition, during the use of Adipex tablets one should drink 1-3 glasses of water every hour of his physical activity. Consuming sufficient amount of water allows to keep a water balance and optimal body temperature.

Minimal amount of water for normal functioning of the body while using Adipex slimming tablets is 2-2.5 liters a day. To maintain normal water balance, people should drink just water, but not coffee, tea, juices or any other soft drinks.

Some patients say that large amount of water causes kidney dysfunction, resulting in high blood pressure and swelling. Therefore, people with heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure must control the amount of water they drink.


Adipex weight loss tablets increase the need for protein (about 30% of daily diet). Thus, high amount of protein requires to increase the amount of consumed water. Water is an integral part of anti-obesity therapy, because all vital processes in the body run with the help of water.

Herewith, keeping to a diet, regular physical exertion, sufficient amount of water along with Adipex weight loss tablets provide weight loss. Only a proper application of Adipex can guarantee success and helps person to get a slim figure.

If you cannot lose weight by means of diet and physical loads, get Adipex pills right now and achieve weight loss in just a few months. By phone or email, you can get the information how to get Adipex.