Does Adipex Cause Diarrhea?

Violation of defecation is a common side effect of many medications. During medicamental anti-obesity therapy, defecation violations may occur (diarrhea or constipation). Usually, these side effects develop in the beginning of the therapy and disappear in several days after the onset of application Adipex tablets. In several weeks of using Adipex slimming pills, stomach adapts to dietary changes, physical exertion and defecation becomes normal.

During medicamental therapy with Adipex, diarrhea is mostly caused by irritating effect of anorectic drug on the organs of gastrointestinal tract or non-hazardous violations in microflora.


Diarrhea can be complicated by such symptoms as: dry mouth, thirst, fast breathing and rare urinating. If patient develops diarrhea while using Adipex diet pills, it is recommended to increase water consumption. Water should be warm or have room temperature. One should drink small portions of water, making little sips.


To restore defecation, it is recommended to eat banana, rice, dried bread, processed cereals (oatmeal), potato, boiled or grilled vegetables, and fat-free meat in small amounts. Still, patient should stick to a certain amount of consumed calories. Because during anti-obesity therapy by means of Adipex, doctors recommend to consume maximum 1000 – 1200 calories per day.

To normalize intestines state while using Adipex pills, one should refrain from fresh fruit, green veggies and alcohol, coffee, fried food and milk. During medicamental therapy with Adipex, some nonprescription antidiarrheal drugs can be used for a temporal relief.

Nonprescription antidiarrheal drugs are meant for a short-term use. A prolonged application of these drugs can increase the duration of diarrhea or cause even more severe violations.


Sedentary lifestyle and overeating habit are typical for obesity, are also among factors that cause constipation. Apart from pain and discomfort, constipation causes a huge damage to patient’s health. When patient has constipation, food wastes products, produced by different organs and substances that are no good for digestion remain in the body and thereby poisoning it.

To prevent constipations, including those occurred during drug therapy of obesity by means of Adipex, doctors recommend to increase the consumption of foods high in dietary fiber (vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, bread and products of wholemeal flour). In addition, to stimulate emptying the intestines during Adipex use, one should drink more liquids (2-3 l of water and fruit / vegetable juices).

Eating diet plan for Adipex

Weight loss drug Adipex was made for a short-term use along with low-calorie diet and physical exercises. Proper eating, combined with Adipex pills helps to get a maximal weight loss result, as well as relieves gastrointestinal side effects (constipation, diarrhea). There is no such universal diet for all people, who want to become slim.

One of the important moments in weight loss is a properly chosen diet. During medicamental therapy with Adipex, patient should bear in mind that the diet has to be balanced, diversified and tasty. The diet should be divided into 4-6 meals.

Person, who wants to lose weight with Adipex, must necessarily have breakfast every day.

  • Breakfast must be 25-30%
  • lunch – 35%
  • snack (soon after finishing work) – 25%
  • dinner – 10-15%.

Liquid dairy products, juices, fruit; no later than 2 hours before sleep.

Sometimes, compliance with a diet combined with Adipex pills, does not provide patients with a desired weight loss. Low efficiency of anti-obesity therapy is explained by mistakes people do when sticking to a balanced diet.

Here are most common mistakes that hinder to achieve great weight loss results:

  • Insufficient water consumption (less than 1.5 liter per day)
  • Irregular sleep regime (chronic lack of sleep)
  • Insufficient calorie consumption (less than 1000 kcal per day)
  • Insufficient protein consumption (less than 30% of total menu)
  • Insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables (less than 60% of total menu)
  • Insufficient duration of physical exercises (less than 45 minutes).

Besides, if person wants to get a significant weight loss with Adipex pills, he should count his calories. It is recommended to consume maximum 1000-1200 kcal per day for a good weight loss. Other than that, during drug therapy with Adipex, doctors recommend to keep a weight loss diary. This way a person can plan his diet and avoid overeating.

Another mistake of all people who are trying to lose weight is what the nutritionists call an improper maintenance of weight loss dynamics. As soon as person begins taking Adipex tablets, he starts weight himself daily. Nutritionists suggest to record in the weight loss diary not only weight measurements, but also body mass index, waist and hips size. Comparing these indices once a week, person can see pleasant results.

If people avoid these mistakes, then the diet and physical exercises combined with Adipex tablets will help them in achieving the desired weight loss results.

Before geting weight loss tablets, you can get a qualified nutritionist advice by email. You can get Adipex 37.5 mg and ask a question nutritionist in all of the world countries.