7 Ways to Learn How to Eat Right

7 ways to learn how to eat right

Everyone who has ever been interested in proper nutrition knows that you need to:

  • eat more cereals and vegetables,
  • drink 2 liters of water a day,
  • give up sugar.

If you comply with these recommendations, the result will not keep you waiting! But knowing is one thing, and doing is another thing. An easy way to accustom yourself to healthy food is described in Richard O’Connor’s book ‘Rewire: Change your brain to break bad habits, overcome addictions, conquer self-destructive behavior’.

Start A Day Planner

Before forming a new habit, deal with the situation. Do you know how much you eat and what you eat? Do not hurry to answer! Every day, write down breakfasts, lunches and dinners (not forgetting about snacks) in a notebook or application on your phone.

This will help you see the full picture of nutrition. After one or two weeks, you can proceed to the next part – the analysis of disappointments. Write out all the “food sins” and think about the reasons for what happened. Without giving in to false beliefs, try to draw right conclusions and work out a plan of action for the future. Decide on how to act when you are offered a second piece of cake.

Stay Away From Temptations

There are plenty of situations in life, when you can turn off the intended path, justifying yourself by the behavior of others or an irresistible force of circumstances. To not test yourself for strength once again, avoid the side of pastry shops, restaurants and other places where you can be tempted to eat something forbidden.

It is also advisable to reduce communication with people, who force you to violate your own promises. If a friend invites you three times a week in a sushi bar, limit yourself to one visit. Or invite her to go to a cafe for vegetarians.

Do Not Give Up

Any changes take time. The habit of eating correctly will not appear in one day – give yourself at least three months, and better even more. You will have hard days and even weeks, but soon they will pass. And you will start to be proud of yourself and see the first inspiring results.

Measure your steps towards the dream in inches. You refused a cheeseburger today? Excellent! You had only three cups of coffee, and not five cups? Terrific!

Follow The Plan

Never give up your will power training, even if you seriously stumble. We all make mistakes – there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, this does not mean that you are a worthless person. Avoid self-accusation even in moments of desperation. Just keep practicing.

The more often we repeat an action, the faster new neural connections are formed in the brain. And what’s more, the stronger they become.

Look For Support

Proper nutrition is a lifestyle, and not a weight loss diet. Trying to form a new habit, you are doing a huge job. That is why it is so important that close people help you in this difficult matter.

  • First, publicize the plans: tell about your goal in social networks. Perhaps, you will find like-minded people among virtual acquaintances.
  • Secondly, ask your family and friends for assistance: less talk about food in your presence, no offering sweets to you and offering support in difficult moments.

Distract Yourself

Do not get obsessed with your idea – learn to get your brain busy with other pleasant and useful things. Make a list of good memories or house chores, which you will review every time you want to cave in.

This will help you get away from harmful desires and self-doubt. Imagine that you are wearing a waterproof cloak, and destructive impulses are just raindrops that roll down on it.

Praise Yourself For Success

There is nothing better than acknowledging your own achievements. This is a great motivator and magical accelerator, which will direct you straight into the bright future. When you feel that you have reached a new weight category, reward yourself with a small trip out of town or buying a phone that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

You can afford a week-long break in training your willpower. Notice even the slightest positive changes and rejoice in the victory from the heart. Time after time, you will feel the strength and desire to continue. Just think of it, you will:

  • Look better
  • Become slimmer and prettier
  • Allow yourself beautiful outfits

Isn’t this a good enough reason for pride? Remember – you change your life and are worthy of reward. Every time we do something, the probability of repeating this increases. So it’s always worth making the best choice. You will never regret it.