7 Reasons That You Feel Hungry

At times, you feel hungry, although you had lunch just an hour ago. We present you 7 reasons that make you believe you are hungry, while you are not hungry at all.


Especially if it is a thriller. In the brightest moments, adrenaline is produced in your body, which stimulates hunger. If you are watching a movie at night, your body requires carbohydrates and sugar to maintain energy, and you jump on food.

If you feel hunger while watching a movie, press “pause” and eat in the kitchen. This will help you eat less, than you would if eating in front of the screen.


Most often, you confuse hunger with thirst. Before you eat anything, drink a glass of water and listen to your body. And do not forget to drink water during the day.


An abnormal sleep regimen is the right way to digestion disorder. Lack of sleep increases the level of cortisol, which stimulates hunger. To compensate for the feeling of fatigue, our body sends a signal, and you immediately want to eat something sweet.

Seven hours of sleep per day is your minimum. Go to bed earlier. Thus, you will lower the level of cortisol and curb your appetite.


Foods low in fat and protein and high in refined carbohydrates are not useful. Choose foods with proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fat. Toast with a whole-grain bread with avocado and hummus is an ideal combination.


A sweet breakfast with plenty of sugar guarantees that you will get hungry again very soon. Therefore, we suggest you to leave for later all those flakes, croissants, sweet coffee drinks, muesli bars and even fruit.


Chewing gum stimulates appetite (notice that your stomach starts to rumble?). Instead of chewing a gum, use mouthwashes, or better – drink water with mint and cucumber: it will refresh your breath and replenish your water level in the body.


Psychologists say: our craving for food is very closely related to memories.

You love ice cream that you ate with your dad as a child.
You always order a dessert in a restaurant, because it is so customary in your family.
Perceive food as a reward.

All this can lead to overeating. The only way out is to get yourself accustomed to another reward. For example, you can have bitter chocolate instead of ice cream.