5 exercises for a perfect booty, if you are bored with squats

Fitness model Michelle Lewin told how to become the proud owner of a beautiful booty to her 10 million Instagram followers.

I started going to the gym as a teenager. But I did not train properly and eventually I over-pumped my legs. Just imagine: a tiny girl with huge muscular thighs and calves. When my future husband became my coach, everything changed.

He corrected the trainings, and my figure became harmonious. But because of overeating, I gained 11 kg in three months, and had cellulite.

I had to moderate my appetite:

  • in the morning – complex carbohydrates,
  • in the afternoon – proteins,
  • once a week – cheating day.

Proper nutrition makes 70% of a beautiful figure, and the rest comes from sports.

Unlike the chest, a beautiful botty can only be pumped up with exercises. No other options exist.

I train five days a week. I work through all the muscles and talk about it on the Instagram. When I started my account, role-playing fitness models were severe guys-bodybuilders. I decided that I should be nice and smiling, because I believe that sports should bring pleasure, and photos should inspire.


a. The starting position is a squat, hips parallel to the floor, back straight.
b. Put the left knee on the floor, then the right one.
c. Return to the starting position.

Repeat 10 times.


a. The starting position is a half-squat.
b. Take a step to the side with your left leg, close the right foot to the left.
c. Make another step to the side with your left leg, close the right foot to the left.
d. Repeat the same in the other direction.

Do a total of 20 steps.


a. Stand on all fours. b. Pull the right leg up and to the right diagonally.
c. Then lower it down diagonally to the left.
d. Raise again, then lower diagonally to the right side.
e. Do not touch the floor with the your toe. Leg should be kept in suspension.

Repeat 10-15 times. Change the legs.


a. Lie down on the floor.
b. Bend your knees.
c. Raise the left leg upwards perpendicular to the floor.
d. Straining the abs and buttocks, lift the hips and body.
e. Try not to help yourself with your hands.

Repeat 10 times, change the legs.


a. Get into the plank position.
b. Pull the right knee to the chest.
c. Stretch the leg upward, so that the leg and body form a straight line.

Repeat 10 times, change the legs.