5 Breakfasts for Weight Loss

5 breakfasts for weight loss

Breast firmness, slender waist and thighs and attractive buttocks… eager to get all these beauties as soon as possible? – Pitch in cereals! 5 kinds of useful cooked cereal for breakfast for weight loss will help you get slim, will add vigor and become a guarantor of your wellbeing and grace.

Breakfast is very useful for your skin. Recently, Harvard University scientists have come to the conclusion that cereals may be the key to long life. People, whose diet often contains cooked cereal, feel better and look younger in comparison to those, who reject these products. Besides, the former have a higher protection from various heart conditions and diabetes.

As you may see, you have quite a lot of reasons to fall in love with cooked cereal. Healthy eating experts advise not to limit yourself to just a few cereal types in your diet. They recommend consuming at least three or four different cereals in a week. After all, each of them is unique and possesses its own beneficial properties.

Tasty and healthy cereal for breakfast for weight loss watchers


For grace and harmony

Buckwheat may easily be proclaimed the King of the hill among the cereals. It contains nearly all the healthy qualities of all other cereals. It has a low caloric value, which may easily transform it into the favorite breakfast for weight watchers. The fact that it is a gluten-free product, it may become perfect for people suffering from allergy to gluten, as well. You may consume this amazing cereal as often as you want it, especially since it has no contraindications!

Incidentally, buckwheat is useful for both women and men. Another effect of this delicious food for weight loss on the stronger sex is similar to the aphrodisiac one. Simply put, it is capable of increasing the male potency.

The list of buckwheat vitamins is very large: A, E, PP, and nearly the whole range of group B vitamins. Buckwheat is reach in microelements, as well. It contains:

  • cobalt – that strengthens the nervous system;
  • nickel –that increases hemoglobin;
  • potassium – which is the first “reinforcer” of bones and muscles;
  • selenium – a detoxifying substance.

In addition to these elements, buckwheat is also quite rich in protein (23 g per 1 cup). Thus, it may become a perfect breakfast for weight loss and muscle gain, as well. Remember, 100 g of cooked buckwheat contain 132 kcal.

Rice Porrige

For intelligence and fullness

Porridge with dark or wild rice is considered the most useful option for breakfast for weight loss.

Yet, other kinds of this delicious cereal are also good for dieting.

Rice gives you satiety and energy for the entire day. Garnish, prepared from it, is neutral in taste, so you may safely add to your meal with this porridge:

  • juicy berries
  • savory fruits
  • slices of fish,
  • meat delicacies.

Rice contains nearly the entire set of amino acids, required for brain nutrition. All these ultimately give a positive impact over your intellect. Rice also contains folic acid, which is an essential element in the period of pregnancy planning and during the first few weeks the fetus growth.

The ultimate bonus lies in the ability of rice to cleanse the body when in intoxication, since rice-water is the first means for a mild food poisoning (!). Note! Its caloric value is just 78 kcal per 100 g of cooked rice.

Millet Porridge

For your heart and liver health

This sunny-like cereal, named like this for the light-yellow shade of cereals, is a real cure for the heart and liver diseases. It contains simply an unimaginable amount of:

  • protein
  • potassium
  • magnesium.

The listed trace elements are something your heart really loves. This is the reason, why millet porridge may be recommended for people, who suffer from the cardiovascular system violations.

In addition to these, millet:

  • relieves nervous tension and physical fatigue,
  • regulates the liver function,
  • removes toxins,
  • helps the body get rid of heavy metal ions.

Besides being a great idea for breakfast for weight loss, millet porridge also may become a perfect dinner option. You may eat it even late at night without any harm to your weight loss progress.

If you don’t have any idea or haven’t thought of it yet, here are some things that might help you diversify the taste of porridge:

  • nuts
  • sweet pumpkin
  • honey
  • cinnamon.

Two things left that you should be aware of when considering millet for your menu:

  • It contains only 90 kcal for 100 g of cooked cereals.
  • In people with reduced or zero stomach acidity, it may be heavy for digestion.So, people with gastritis should eat it with a sense of measure!

Oatmeal Porridge

For health and beauty

In the moment oatmeal gets into the stomach, it “dissolves” and turns into a viscous porous mass. It absorbs and removes toxins, toxic and ballast substances that:

  • make us feel old,
  • promote fatigue,
  • provoke diseases.

However, there’s more! A large amount of dietary fiber in oatmeal cleanses the intestines, making it run like clockwork. Due to which, fans of this porridge benefit from:

  • normalized metabolism,
  • weight reduction,
  • improved appearance,
  • better health condition.

Oatmeal is a real treasure chest filled with beauty vitamins. It contains:

  • biotin (vitamin H) which participates in the cell composition, improves skin and nails.
  • vitamin K, which has the ability to reduce the body’s levels of specific substances, perceived as a signal to immune aging.
  • vitamin E, which prolongs female youth and beauty.

If you choose oatmeal, you should know that it combines fantastically with dried fruits, honey, berries and nuts. With such a delicious, healthy and low-calorie breakfast for weight loss and beauty maintenance, your diet will always be tasty and nutritious (88kcal per 100 g of cooked cereal).

Barley Porridge

For long life and youth

Garnish made of pearl barley is almost impossible to replace in any woman’s diet, because it has a strong anti-aging effect and prevents cells aging.

Barley contains lysine, which is an essential amino acid:

  • it is actively involved in the production of collagen,
  • slows down the process of age-related wrinkles formation
  • promotes skin smoothness and elasticity.

In addition, barley is the only cereal that contains phytomelatonin, which is the hormone that gives us sweet dreams and helps restore the body’s forces.

Barley is also priceless for those women, whose work is related to emotional overload. If you feel that emotions are overflowing and have a hair-trigger temper, have a serving of barley for breakfast for weight loss and calmness. It will soothe you, inspire you to a positive mood and good spirits, and will also bring no harm to your shape, since 100 g of cooked barley contains only 109 kcal.

Now, you may choose your favorite breakfast for weight loss for the entire week, or enjoy a new porridge each morning. It’s up to you!