16 Way Ultimate Comfort Strap

Silicone Noose is an integral component of most devices for penis enlargement, including SizeGenetics device with «16 Way Ultimate Comfort Strap».

Silicone Noose provides not only optimum distribution of tensile force from the base of SizeGenetics extender to the head but also allows to achieve a reliable fixation of SizeGenetics extender on penis.

Reliable fixation by means of Silicone Noose excludes the probability of displacement of the penis head relatively to the base of SizeGenetics extender, simultaneously providing maximum tissue expansion, without compressing the blood vessels and without disturbing blood flow to the penis.

Comfort Strap

Despite the fact that Silicone Noose allows effectively to fix SizeGenetics extender and to achieve the maximum allowable tensile force, many men prefer to use Comfort Strap – used as and alternative to Silicone Noose.

In contrast to thin Silicone Noose, a wide fixative Comfort Strap has a greater area of contact with penis, so depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the penis structure it can be more comfortable and convenient for everyday use.

Protection Pad

If use of SizeGenetics extender together with Silicone Noose or wide Comfort Strap seems to you uncomfortable, you can try to use soft elastic Protection Pad in order to achieve more comfortable sensations.

Distinctive feature of elastic Protection Pad is that its use allows to lead active lifestyle without taking off SizeGenetics extender the whole day, since soft structure of Protection Pad reliably protects the penis head from undesirable rubbing.

Considering that fundamental principle of effectiveness of penis enlargement program is its continuity, duration and constancy – soft Protection Pad, made of hypoallergenic material will allow you to wear SizeGenetics extender all day long without feeling any discomfort.

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip was developed special for men with hypersensitivity of the head and skin of penis. Fabric of this fixator prevents contact of SizeGenetics extender with the circumference of the base of the glans.

If the use of Silicon Noose or Comfort Strap is a reason of irritation of the skin or glans penis, you will be able to get rid of extraneous unwanted feelings, simultaneously using protective Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip which allows to achieve the desired result without experiencing inconvenience and discomfort when wearing SizeGenetics extender.

Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap

Depending on the anatomical and physiological feature of the penis structure, SizeGenetics extender fixator can slip. Taking into account this fact, Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap has been designed to make the process of wearing SizeGenetics extender more reliable and convenient.

Use of Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap simultaneously with Comfort Strap or Silicon Noose prevents slipping out of the penis head from the fixator, allowing to use SizeGenetics system more efficiently and to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.