15 Reasons to Run For Those Who Hate It

Running has long been a favorite sports kind of many celebrities. On the morning jog, your companion can easily turn out to Candice Swanepoel or Natalya Vodyanova. And charity marathons are one of the best ways to raise funds for good purposes.

But what should do those people, for whom each run is a real trial? Here are the answers of people who hate running, but still do it regularly. For different reasons.

Megan, 25

I travel a lot for work, and almost all hotels have a gym. They can be used for free, so it’s a pity to lose this opportunity. Running works well for relieving stress after long negotiations.

I also like to run with my colleagues very much. It’s easier to establish relationships and let off steam. Besides, running through an unfamiliar city often allows you to see it from an unexpected side.

Fay, 27

I’m absolutely sure that people who say “I love running” lie to you. Nobody likes to run, but everyone likes to upload photos of jogs and marathons in the Instagram.

I once ran almost 20 kilometers and got about a thousand likes. True, my legs ached for another week, but it’s worth the cost.

Ellie, 23

Running helps to shake yourself. I have a feeling that I can get away from my problems. You cannot obtain such sense of freedom through any other means. If you have a dog – it’s a huge plus, I always take it for a jog, and actually enjoy running, since it’s a lot more fun that way.

Kara, 27

Running is a sensation of the strength of your own body. I do not know what can be compared with this. I was a professional runner in college. I had it all

  • injuries,
  • eating disorders,
  • grueling trainings.

It was only after graduation when I realized that I should listen to my body, that running should not be perceived as a way to lose weight or break records. It should be regarded as a way to take care of your body and listen to its needs. It helps you relax.

When you run, you only think about breathing and music in your headphones. Everything else takes a backseat.

Kim, 58

I hate to run, but it’s a good way to keep my body in shape. I’m 58, so my body is no longer so easily coping with sedentary work in the office. After a morning run, however, I can calmly do the rest of the day without pain in the back and legs.

Anna, 27

For me, running is a separate culture. You may find it strange to get acquainted with new people every day while jogging. For me though it is an entire community, in which I can be my true self.

Of course, I do get tired, but it’s so cool – to communicate with people, who share your interests. 21 years of running gave me the main thing – friends who understand me. And we do not need to talk when we meet. We can just silently run along.

Carol, 30

Running is my way of ventilating my head, my anti-stress and my challenge to myself. When I run, everything falls into its place. This allows having a different look at the events that are going on in your life.

Besides, it is a huge work on yourself. Every time before jogging, I set myself a goal: a certain distance or time. And nothing compares to the feeling when you achieve your goal. Previously, running was only part of my sporting activities, but now it is my own hobby.

I know nothing more pleasant than to feel healthy and full of energy, to be capable of running as long as you wish.

Stephanie, 25

This is my only way to be alone with myself. I’m a writer, so I often need a little distraction to think about new plot twists. Running helps the best. After a good run, I always come back with new ideas.

Liz, 24

I do not like to exercise in the gym. The stuffiness and lots of people around are very depressing. While jogging, you can look at the city, get some fresh air, especially when there is no time for long walks. I like to run and find places that I’ve never been before.

Rebecca, 23

For me, running is a kind of meditation. Especially if it’s a slow run for a long distance. I never take my phone with me. It’s like hypnosis – when you run and listen to the rhythmical sound of your steps.

I like to run up the hill. When you get to the top, you feel like a real Super Woman who just defeated an enemy.

Liz, 24

This is the easiest way to get a burst of endorphins. I do not like the running itself, yet I make an effort for the sake of this feeling of ease. Besides, you can run anywhere, anytime – you do not need to go to the gym or buy an exercising machine. You just leave the house and start running.

Nicole, 25

I just love good food, but I want to stay toned. Running is a great option. I eat what I want without damaging the figure.