11 Steps to Control Hunger and Emotional Eating

11 steps to control hunger and emotional eating

Is it possible that a person feels hungry an hour after lunch? It is possible, if he has a compulsive eating disorder. The story of someone, who went through this experience, will help you find a way out.

Allen Standish went through the experience of obesity, the nervous breakdown, which forced him to eat all the time. He was trying to cope with overeating through diets and willpower. Yet, this led only to another breakdown and further overeating.

  • Nothing helped, until he found his own method.

The brain of the human, suffering from a the emotional overeating, confuses hunger and spiritual discomfort. Every time that you are excited or upset, or you have to do something you fear of – the brain perceives it as hunger.

Here are 10 sequential steps that will help you break the vicious circle. They may help you, too, but remember that each person is different, and you might find even better decisions for yourself. Alain picked up these tips from various sources. In fact, the list was originally larger, but he shares only those that really worked.

1. Keep Simple Diary

  • When you ate?
  • What you ate?
  • Were you hungry, before you ate?

Just watch, you should not stop yourself at this point. After a few days, check your records: where there moments, when you were eating without being hungry?

2. Give Up The Schedule

If you are used to eating at the same time, start shifting meals to 30 minutes in both directions. Capture the feeling of hunger. Learn to identify the true hunger.

3. “True Hunger”

Its features:

  • You are not able to concentrate on anything except the desire to eat
  • You are a little pale and dizzy, a mild headache is possible
  • You are irritable
  • You are ready to leave everything aside, even urgent, for the sake of food
  • Your stomach is rumbling

If you have all the signs – you have real hunger

4. Learn To Notice Body Signals

Learn to identify, when you feel uncomfortable due to emotional loneliness and when you feel bad because of hunger. Be honest with yourself, these feeling do differ. Learn to recognize it in front of yourself fast, every time.

5. Rate Hunger By 10-point Scale

  • Do it during the day and make records in the diary.Learn to identify the level of hunger, which you are incapable of enduring.
  • Try to postpone the meal for some little time every day, to endure the next level of hunger.
  • Eat when you can no longer bear.The idea is to find your limits and expand them a bit, and not faint.
  • Do not try handling very heavy tasks at once, each small change gives a lasting effect.

6. Write Down Your Impressions From The Food Flavor

Evaluate pleasure from food by the 10-point scale. After a week or so, re-read the diary and see, whether hunger depends on the pleasure from food.

After a while, your brain will begin to understand that eating because you’re bored is not as tasty as because of hunger.

7. Eat Food, Not Impressions

  • Just one week try to eat without letting anything distract you – not the phone, not the TV, a conversation.Only you and the food.
  • Enjoy every bite.Note, at which point you start to feel full.
  • It may take 15-20 minutes, but for God’s sake, do not rush.You need this week of efforts to get to know yourself and the taste of food.

8. Pause Before Eating

Before you take a bite, stop and stand without moving exactly 2 minutes. Listen to yourself and your thoughts. Do not listen to your instincts at that moment. Tell yourself that you are not an animal, and you can control yourself.

Enjoy this before you go for the food. This will restore your self-esteem and mental strength.

9. Mentally Assess Your Satiety Level During Meals

Stay at the level of 5-6 out of 10. Do not attempt to achieve full scores, you are not a teddy bear, which has to be stuffed with woodwool.

10. Try To Eat Three Times A Day, No Snacking

This week is the week of self-control. Make your meals regular, meaningful and balanced this week. Eat as much as you want, but be honest with yourself, and do not limit yourself to eating unnecessarily, and do not overeat.

Thus, you will find the true hunger and true satiety.

11. Eat Every Time When Hungry

This is the last week, which you have to reach with full understanding, only after you completed all the previous ones. You have to trust yourself completely by this time not to eat whatever is in sight.

If you do not have self-control yet, keep to the previous steps.

After that, you will be able to completely control your brain, your hunger and yourself, if necessary. You already know the difference between hunger and boredom, and when you definitely need the food.

Will you have the temptation for uncontrolled gluttony from time to time? Yes, there does exist such a probability. But you’ll be prepared well enough to not give in to them. It is a training, which you will have to follow for a long time. But your health and self-esteem are worth it all.