10 Useful Habits Of Slenderness

Let’s talk about useful habits from different areas of your life, which will help you to rationalize your nutrition, improve your health and avoid overeating.


  1. Compliance with water drinking regime
  2. High-quality sleep and rest
  3. Regularly, any physical activity available to you (20 minutes every day is better than 40 minutes 3 times a week!).


  1. Regular meals (do not allow severe hunger)
  2. Plan your daily menu (know how it is for you the most comfortable to eat based on your schedule, and create conditions for proper nutrition)
  3. Balanced diet (presence in the diet of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins)
  4. Good food preparation skills
  5. Knowledge of healthy foods.


  1. Ability to distinguish between hunger and appetite
  2. Ability to cope with stress and emotions without the help of food.

Your mindset is extremely important. You do not expect that everything in your life will happen 100% the way you want it to be, do you? You know that obstacles are possible on your way at times.

It is important to be ready for the fact that they can arise, to foresee them, if possible, and to overcome them. Instead of looking for a reason to be upset and use this as an excuse.


Internal causes that you control:

  • (based on arrangements with themselves)
  • I’m tired and I do not want to hurt or strain myself
  • Everything is already bad, so what’s the point of starting?
  • I’m not motivated.I should wait for a better moment
  • I’m in bad shape now.I’ll lose weight first, and then I’ll go to the gym.

External causes that you partially control:

  • (but prefer to think that they control you)
  • Busy at work
  • It’s hot, cold outside
  • Gym membership is too expensive
  • My training friend can not go today, so I will not go, as well.

External causes that you do not control:

These are sudden events that can affect your trainings, regime, and nutrition, like:

  • family crisis,
  • illness of loved ones,
  • trauma.

You can not influence their appearance, yet once they are resolved, take the responsibility to get back to the established regime and plan.


  1. Think what excuses you use most often.In terms of nutrition, compliance with the regime of the day and trainings.
  2. Write them down.Determine which of the three types they belong to.
  3. Write a solution for each of them.What you are ready to do to move forward.


Do you have the above skills and habits? If not, what can you do to change the situation? Write down the solution for each item:

  1. How to make it so that you go to bed earlier?
  2. How to find time for trainings?
  3. How to find time to relax and do things that you enjoy?